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Fake News claims that TIME DOES NOT EXIST!

The issues of, "Alt Right", and, "Fake News," were used by the Clinton DNC to shift attentiojn from Wikileaks to the alternative media.  (The mental war with Russia was also a diversion, which was concocted over years, and will continue to be used to trip up Trump.  But at least Russia won't necessarilly go to war with us, since Clinton was not elected.  {Search for this}).  Basically, the two terms are attacks on the same enemy.

At the end of every NPR "discussion" of booga-booga Fake News, (aka, Alt Media), the guests all get mature and say, "Well, certainly, the best defense against Fake News is to go to a number of sources - a variety.  It is up to the reader to make up his or her own mind.  Then, what is all this complaining about - and thoughts of shutting down sites - if the best defense is a well-informed, well-versed, open-minded, critical-thinking reader?!?

Very few left-wing sites are classified by the PC term, Fake News / (Alt Media).  But the Onion made the list.  Which is more absurd than an Onion story.  Alex Jone's site is on the blacklist, even though the audience for that is a big as a fair-sized country.  Better protect all those people from their own critical thinking!  And so on.  I'll write on these issues later.  Just touching and going here...

So - in my vast perusal of Fake News / Alt Media sites, I have found that each site has its own personality - its own endearing flavour or colour.  One site may be 97% factual, but also stupidly allow an idiot or two to write some erroneous article, for which the entire site is lambasted as being all-fake.  Or, other FN/ AM sites are merely repeaters of stories from other sites, which they do not have editorial control over.  These are essentially "RSS" sites, in a way.  Though their policy is freedom-of-information, they too are dumpstered completely, for any erroneous, or even editorial, articles which show up in them.

Some Fake News sites are completely aware that they are full of imagination, (i.e., shit), and are less concerned with facts.  I once directed you to a quasi-science, paranormal site, called, "Ancient Code."  This site runs breif, interesting articles on real stuff, in addition to paranormal stuff, in addition to just plain ridiculous nonsense.  I told you how I felt refreshed by this blatantly obvious irresponsibility.  Why?  It's fun for my imagination!  Sometimes, it false facts can be fodder for hypotheses about other things.  AND IT IS GOOD TO READ THINGS WHICH OTHER PEOPLE BELIEVE, BUT WHICH HAVEN'T (YET?) NECESSARILLY BEEN CONFIRMED AS TRUE BY SCIENCE, OR THE STATE.  If we are going to shut down sites and creativity such as this, we might as well try to shut down all religions, or the wonder of a child.

Fake News claims that  TIME DOES NOT EXIST!

This site says that there is a new theory in town, wherein arrow-like, forward-moving time does not exist.  Instead, the past, present and future all exist together, "in an eternal present".

In fact, this is not a new theory at all.  Most physicists believe that time does not really exist.  Albert Einstein lumped past, present and future all together in the 4th dimension - (and now we have at least 12 dimensions).  Indeed, I have long utilised this perspective in my own learning and thought.  So, I really want to give you this brief little read, so that you can have a better understanding of my upcoming posts on the nature of time!

Yes, you get to read fake news - which is actually TRUE, despite coming from a site which is full of nonsense.  It is a site which reaps sensationalism, basically.  When they say, "Astonishing NEW THEORY!..."  That's just what they do.  That's how they act.  That is their unique, endearing absurd personality, yes?

But, since the site may be painted over with blame, even true stories might be objected to - kinda in the same way the Republicans will choose some policy not for the sense or good it makes, but because it is directly opposed to the policy that Obama wants.  This is what we have become - it is a massive personality problem.

And so, whatever politicians who are racing against their clock, trying to raise money, trying to scare people into fearing deadlines, and upcoming tragedies, and encroaching Russianism or Moslemism, well, these4 politicians will not want to hear the truth that time does not exist, right?

And so they shout:

Fake News claims that  TIME DOES NOT EXIST!
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