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eating 101

Unclogged bathroom sink... The clog was way beyond the pea-catcher. It's the price I pay for cutting my own hair.

Made a Greek omelette - onions, mushrooms, fresh spinach, cheese... I wanted a mega-omleette, so I used 4 eggs and a big pan - and the pan sucked, so it was more like hash browns - but very good. Then I made a second one in the small pan, 2 eggs, and it was perfect.

Tip: Fry your ingredients first (except for cheese) - until they are somewhere between freshed and cooked. Spice in the pan, and then add them to the omelette frying in a separate pan. (Then do the cheese). This really brings out the flavours, and also gives the omlette more oil, which is delicious. I use 3/4 canola and 1/4 olive for frying.

To eat, place fork carefully into omlette while cutting away a small chunk. With the chunk at the tip, lift the fork towards your face, careful not to drop the food on your clothes again. Open mouth. Insert omelette chunk into mouth and roll it around so it cools down, and then throw in a bunch of orange juice because it way to hot!


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