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The lie: OF LIES !

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People who lie rely on what they think the other person is thinking, and expecting.  They assume to know a model of your mind, and then they tell you what they assume you want to hear, or so forth.  Psychopaths become experts on what people tend to think, especially if they are induced into "reptilian" mode - into fear, lust, anger, want, hate, despair, jealousy, spite, revenge, or general helplessness or powerlessness.  For example, when a psychopath, (such as THE SYSTEM), gets you to think that you must accomplish certain tasks by a certain time, he or she knows that you enter into stress and anxiety, and a kind of insistence which could be turned into FIGHT.  Studies have shown that when people enter into assumed TIME DEMANDS, they lose empathy for the people around them.  (Studies have also shown that wealthier people habitually ignore the people directly around them, unless they portend more riches*).  If a psycho can induce you into believing constraints of time demands, even if they don't exist in reality, he or she can tap your energy, use you, control you - destroy you.  "To thine own self be true!"

Psycho's depend on their model of "your mind" to manipulated their tools which slip you into stress, reptilian mode, so they can control you.  If they can create conditions of fear, for example, as by creating fake terrorism killings, or false claims about some political opponent/demon, then they can weasel money out of you, claiming that you need them to protect you.  You need them to spy on you in order to keep you safe.  You need them to regulate your full environment - airport, TV, internet, morality - in order to lessen your stress so that you can stuff your face full of comfort calories.  It's a lie.

They can not do this to you if their model, or theory, of your mind is WRONG.  If you do not think the way they think you should, allowing them to control you, then you are, or can become, free from their lie.  If you do not feed into their lie - sharing their lie - growing their lie - then you may be free to tell others what you think.  Therefore, with a free, open, critical mind, they may try to come after you - to make you an example - only so far as their cowardice allows them.  This is why they go after the free, the creative, the young, the innocent, the minority, the poor, and the helpless: Because these are marginals, outside of their well-oiled, status-quo machine.  These are, to their rule, the EXCEPTIONS.  These are the truths which expose the lie.  Because they are a diversity of MIND, and therefore, will.

An idea is enough to change the world, if it can change a mind.  There are always far more ideas sparked by randomness and sincerity, than there ever can be from control and stricture, ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT CONTROL IS A LIE.  As you all know, one lie takes another lie to prop it up, and so on, and so on.  What is that but the diffusion of entropy?  This is why, despite all the clever devices used by psychopaths to manipulate minds under stress, the TRUTH - the true way out through the trees - shall always prevail.  Evolution has favoured our higher mind above our reptilian, after all.  This is a major reason for religion: Just keep it going - keep it going.  Have faith, and we can pull through.  We might transcend.

"The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be." - Socrates.

Self-respect means not living a lie - not lying to yourself.  When you lie to yourself, you are living someone else's lie, and not your own life.  But, when you respect yourself, you gain honour and respect in society, gradually, over time, and sometimes suddenly.  This is the only way to transform our fractive society and world.

Early Family Life May Be Tied To 'Mind-Reading' Ability

Kiddie Morality - (And the theory of mind).

So why do religious concepts provoke moral behaviour even in non-believers? It’s because both religion and morality are evolutionary adaptations, says Jesse Bering, who heads the Institute of Cognition and Culture at Queen’s University, Belfast, UK. Morality does not stem from religion, as is often argued, he suggests: they evolved separately, albeit in response to the same forces in our social environment. Once our ancestors acquired language and theory of mind – the ability to understand what others are thinking – news of any individual’s reputation could spread far beyond their immediate group. Anyone with tendencies to behave pro-socially would then have been at an advantage, Bering says: “What we’re concerned about in terms of our moral behaviour is what other people think about us.” So morality became adaptive. ... Note that this is a blog referencing a link to a RADIOLAB show. But that show no longer exists. (Why? Maybe it was found to be errant? Or maybe the fundamentalists demanded its retraction??) - But this blog nicely praises RADIOLAB in general - MIND HACKS: RadioLab on the science of morality.

How liars create the illusion of truth

For argument’s sake: evidence that reason can change minds - (smashwords link here)

For more about, "lying to yourself", "deception", "the brain of a liar", and more, simply SEARCH: radiolab lies".

(For the scholarly: The Liar Paradox).

Here's a coincidence: I Promo'ed my post, "Concert for Middle America", in LJ. Soon after that, someone promo'ed a post on lying to oneself over past sexual abuse. For one thing, posts are not promo'ed there often. For another, I had earlier posted about, "Some Girl(s)", which mentioned sexual abuse of a 12 year old, (fictitious). That latter post summoned mockery from one LJ friend, (etc.), so I dropped her. It also provoked another LJ friend to describe how he lusts after middle-school girls in tight leggings, (etc.), so I dropped him. So, maybe it also prompted someone who reads my journal to make their post about lies/ abuse. Why, also? Because that was their only post in their journal - a journal that had been created at that time - for that post. So, weird little things happen on LJ. But, it was a good post, so I thought I'd link you to it. "Just note the possible weirdness around it): Secrets Buried Inside

See also TAGS above, and: books - 'empire of lies'.

* - Remember this latter concept, as it will be expanded upon in another entry/s.
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