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Eat, Don't Drink And Still Be Merry: Staying Sober Through The Holidays

I am posting this in case you have difficulty staying sober. Some of us have more difficulty with addictive substances than do others, especially those who habitually stay away from them. It would be good if as many people stayed sober as possible, these yuletide days, et al. Not only are you less likely to start feeling depressed, you won't crash a plane or train due to tiredness or dullardry. Even more important: You will be able to watch TV, listen to the radio, follow tweets and read my late-breaking posts, because in the days leading up to xmas THERE WILL BE SOME BAD NEWS GOING DOWN. They pull this virtually every year, but this one is going to be big - and you will miss it if you are drunk or having sex with men in red suits.

I still have not posted my latest knowledge on dealing with hangovers - and migraines - which has mainly been derived from experience in very slowly dying. However, I can say to you there are three things to be careful of when drinking:

1 - Calories! Alcohol already has calories, and these are a major part of the problem. So, try to eat less carbs if you are drinking - especially sugars!!! If you must eat, eat protein and fiber, like sofa pillows.

2 - Sleep! You must sleep more to compensate for drinking, because drinking puts the kabuki on your cell regeneration. So, to sleep more, eat less, avoid those calories, and avoid other substances like caffeine. Unless you want to try this experiment: After drinking somewhat, eat sugary donuts with coffee, then go to sleep under heavy blankets. You will then awaken in paralysis with a demonic bunny on your chest and it isn't even Easter.

3 - Circadian riddem. This is, of course, related to the above! If you drink, try to space it so that you can stay in your regular riddem of sleep. A loop of one-drop dub stylie playing in the background may help. The more you have alcohol in your system when you sleep, the more you disrupt your riddem, in the longer and longer term. This makes alcohol addictive. It then takes longer and longer to go without it, while catching up on sleep, to recover from it, and escape the addiction. The same way of saying this is that it takes more alcohol over time, to supposedly medicate away the tiredness and pain which the last (and cumulative) binge brought you. A lot of drinking is just a way to drown out the consequences of previous drinking.

Well then, how are you going to enjoy the holidays? Pot is really good. I like mushrooms the best and toads. Santa is on Angel Dust, btw. Stay away from bagels.

This has been a PSA, void where prohibitted.

(PS - "Booze calculator: What's your drinking nationality?")
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