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I am the person who will destroy China.


Here's three lame yet curious things. Note how my recent post, "Violence in America," is all based on a coincidence of observations concerning violence, all existing in the last few days. Apparently random things can happen, which the human mind then strings into a theme, or some glorified constellation, or some conspiracy theory, (more on the latter topic later). We have a mind for meaning - a knack for knowledge - an oodling for the noodle - a sausage for the ostrich. And all about we go, comparing each others connect-the-dots, deciding who is sane, and who is mad, and who is divine and so damned to die. They say that CFS is, "all in the head." I think that humanity is all in its own head.

I sometimes insert some of my own quotes herein, just for the record, if they are striking enough. I made a comment to an LJ friend yesterday, and he commented back simple by quoting a line that I had said:

"The only thing to count on are coincidences, nothing more."

That's about it. When you are inspired and in the flow - its a whirl of synchronicity and magical unintended consequences, yes? And when you're down and low, all you got, pretty much, is two thin coincidences to rub together, and that's about it. You can quote me on that.

I have studied Carl Jung, and he has gained great fame and credit for his work on synchronicity. And behavioural economists have made money, and game theorists have made money, and physicists and story-tellers have all made money - off the subject of coincidences. But I have also made my little spark of a mark. No one believes me on this one. But I have proved it.

I was the person who first minted the word: "Coinkidink."  I'm sure you have all heard that word by now - even used it. I was the one who created it, many years ago.

Coin Kid Ink.

And it couldn't have been a mere coincidence. As far as most other weirdness like this, I mainly accept that there may be some question of true authorship. But not on this one, which will be etched into my gravestone, bringing me eternal life.

Which is odd because it was also a birthmark.
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