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Violence in America

I watched the movie, "Waitress," today.  It was cute.  It was comfortable, but had some of that confusion between comedy and pain that, "Perks of Being a Wallflower," suffered a little from.  Both good movies, dealing with the difficult subject of abuse.  In, "Waitress," the husband never got physically violent, but always seemed like he was going to.  I think the writer/director, Adrienne Shelly, was trying to keep it light and optimistic, focusing on the future of the new baby.  Nevertheless, the deep mental abuse - along with two extra-marital affairs - made me think, "I wonder if there is some real tragedy associated with this movie?"

Adrienne Shelly died before the film was released in 2007.  She did not commit suicide, apparently - she was murdered.  An illegal immigrant assaulted her, and, out of being reported to the Feds, he killed her.  That's too bad - she could have done a lot more.  I really loved the movie, "Trust."  I am still a bit questionable about how she died, but the probability that it was an illegal immigrant reminded me of another example of the same thing happening recently, possibly in California, which was covered in the news.  I am not sure if this incident was done by the same guy who kept being allowed back into the system - in the SF area?

Well, it does go to show that despite NPR's MANY stories about lovable immigrants, just before the election, meant to hurt Trump, along with the many talk shows, the fact is that there is some violence from some undocumented aliens.  That's in addition to the violence by drunk drivers, spousal abuse, abuse from police, gang wars, self-radicalized serial-killers, water-cannons turned on freezing Native Americans, the killing of one of the Bundy protesters, and false-flag events created by the corporate CIA, designed to cause chaos, fear, hate, and gun control.

I am writing about this because these observations of violence came at the same time NPR programmes did two compelling shows on violence, which I recommend - unless you don't want that subject at the moment.  The first one was on This American Life, where a daughter went back to find out why her mother was brutally raped and killed.  The incident sparked outrage in Pennsylvania, and now the death penalty is more assertively used in that state.  (I am against the death penalty).

The other story was a segment in, "The Moth Radio Hour," where a pacifist Quaker man lost his beloved step-daughter to a brutal rapist and murderer.  Very sad.

I also heard some programme discussing WHY it is that mass killers do what they do.  It is mainly fueled by revenge.  Often, middle class males feel passed by by success, and then hit some kind of shock incident which makes them flip, and do their revenge.  This is tied right into the problem of America's shrinking middle class.  With so much disappointment and difficulty out there, it is a given that there will be statistical emergencies of such abhorrent incidences.

Everyone is blaming guns or Moslems or racism, or the left or the right.  They lose themselves in the game of political squabbling.  In this state of lower-brain reactivity, they are easilly manipulated by those corpocratic elites who wish to retain their wealth in all this dissonance.  There are manufactured media events` which hand out arguments of racism or terrorism, etc., which keeps groups from coming together and recognising the deeper economic and institutional problems which is causing all the angst and sporadic violence.  That is what killed the OCCUPY movement.  They do not want the majority to see the real up-down injustice.  They want you looking left or right, or anything but up and down.

The subject of violence in America has been talked to death.  We aren't solving anything.  We now have a corrupted government which actually benefits from violence, or destruction, or war.  This is the decline of empire.  Apparently, only the wise and the innocent are capable of stepping out of the psycho trap of common spite, or blame without evidence, or moral superiority, or facebook gossip, or trust in fraudulent leaders.  All of our egos have been trounced in recent years.  We can either keep expecting dreams of the past, at the expense of others, allowing our judgments and silence and denial and habitual little grabbIngs and perennial spite and FEAR to enable the very violence that we hate.  "I have met the enemy, and he is us."

Only Kindness Matters - (Note, the part about, "Giving it Away," is good - something I want Bee Girl to hear - how Non-Profits need to be allowed to have more leeway, etc.).
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