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Concert for Middle America

We need to start the ball rolling on a, "Concert for Middle America."  It needs to go viral.  Since neither party partisans, nor the Status Quo Middle Establishment, can get any kind of cross-over or agreement going, we have to do it ourselves.  In politics, both the progressive right and the progressive left simply allowed themselves to be swallowed back into the two parties.  It is up to real people, musical people, poor people, to start the crossover that is necessary to defeat the two headed partisan machine, and all the moral and social depravity associated with it.  So, just imagine:

If there was a concert for the Middle Class, especially the Working Class - as well as for other groups alienated by today's globalist military-corporatism, such as the Standing Rock protesters; Black Lives Matter; land owners; freedom-lovers; agrarians; the unemployed, homeless, poor and disabled - what bands should be included?  What do you suggest?  They can't be narrow-minded and militant-identity - they have to be pro-CROSSOVER.  Left + right; black + white; urban + rural.  They must reflect the next manifestation of the #occupywallstreet and Bernie movements - not excluding Trump supporters!  I am talking about real populism here!

If there were a concert for all those maginalised by the globalising money-machine, or shunted and stunted by automation or cuts to social programmes, here are some bands I imagine could play:

Drive-By Truckers
Neil Young
P.J. Harvey
Tom Petty's band
Iris Dement
Against Me!

Neil Young had the right idea with his anti-Monsanto tour and album - but the music was terrible.  His latest is good - again.  He and Tom Petty really impress me how they keep pushing on with great, alive rock - and protest rock.  If The National, or Dawes, or Doctor Dogg, or Wilco, etc., do protest songs, then they would be great.  Beach House needs to shake out of its blues and start doing protest songs.  Of course, old superstars like No Doubt, or Bruce Springsteen would be welcomed - maybe as surprise appearances.  How about you?  What bands would you invite?  Or, maybe you could conrtibute in other ways, like being in charge of drugs.
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