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* - galaxy


Posted on 2005.06.07 at 21:34
I just saw the SP episode where the dudes go to Aspen, (a seperate universe from our own), where people just don't get ANYTHING. And that's what prevails. It reminded me of my life in Rockford. (My home life is like "Duplex"). And the skier jerk who kept taunting Stan "Darsh" had a mentality almost identical to Mr. Evil's, (sans the God stuff), it made me cringe.

But funny.

I've met people from Denver, etc. - and I have to say, a lot of them ARE loopy!

And regarding said Evil One. Neither hide nor hair of him has been seen in these parts in weeks, coninciding with the arson investigation, interestingly. Or - I'll settle for coincidentally. It's just nice having him the hell away from here.

Other news: Did more stuff.

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