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I watched the movie, "The Martian," with Matt Damon.  Somewhat boring, esp. the first half.  Otherwise OK.  But, "Intersteller," was better.  This movie had lots of space visuals, CGI, etc.

Then I started on making my green bean casserole.  1/2 was green beans, 1/4 was yellow wax beans, 1/4 was artichoke hearts.  In Alfredo sauce + Parmesan + mushroom/juice.  Lots of black pepper.  Soy sauce.  Onions.  Onion powder.  Etc.  Topped by some GF pasta, topped by chunks of blended whitish cheese.  Cooked up well, but maybe too liquidy.

Also threw together the stuffing, which was a lot.  Turns out is is almost all corn: dried corncake, GF bread, corn pasta, Corn Chex.  So, it doesn't taste exactly like traditional stuffing, and it doesn't taste like cornbread stuffing.  I cooked it in one large pan.  But I had a smaller batch which I only partly cooked alongside these two dishes.  I will use that batch to stuff the turkey tomorrow.  Oh - I also set the turkey in spicy brine today as well.

As I boiled the spicy brine, in prep, a cockroach from downstairs was on the wall in front of me, looking down, surveying things.  I had to put an end to that sort of thing.  I hate having to kill critters like this, because I am fully aware of how amazingly intelligent and real they are.

The crazy bald guy needs to stop sending up his little envoys.  Seriously, he was completely quiet all day.  This happens every so often.  I wear sifter shoes and turn the music down.  Nevertheless, he resumes obsessing over the slightest noises I make - like quietly whistling to sitar, and David Grey, etc., tonight.  (It's not like I suck.  I am talented.  I was once a theatrical STAR).  It is certain that he will start up again, in a manic snowball.  He starts taking revenge again me or my dog, if he hears a car make a noise - or thunder - or a mousetrap.  He thinks I am deliberately causing these things.

Now, I'm going to watch a DVD about America's wild horses and mules...

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