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Morrissey Xmas

Morrissey is asking GM to start using vegan leather interiors on their cars - Detroit Metro Times

Marr suggests a Christmas single to relaunch the Smiths - BBC Newsnight

Watching, "The Perks of being a Wallflower," it was awesome to see, "Asleep," being so prominent, ("Sing meh To Sleep").

Creepy how the Smiths are so alive after like 30 years, but they are great and path-cutters. Poor rock icon, Steven, will die from cancer, after never have had a real life beyond corporate rock and roll.

Some girl walked by all dressed in red, as was I. She fluffed out her hair, and then looked back at me, sexily. I stared at her masculinely. It was like the old days. But the whole idea of thinking that, somehow, something in THIS world will somehow rescue me from THIS world, no longer washes clean from me. If I nabbed a girl from here and took her to Tonga Tonga - it would still be like I was living here, because her own BS local customs would come out trying to bring me down. Call me mister Bummer Man.

I need to move out of here before my dog dies. I really owe to this stupid dog at least one year of a free life filled with nature and destructible chickens.

It's either that or lose the dog and run away to Sidney, which, "World Cafe," has been making it reeeellly tempting. But not. And what is my one compensation?

Whiny, stuttery, nasal, kiss-up-assy David Dye will no longer be hosting! Hummmm. Since he STOLE THE WHOLE IDEA OF THE SHOW FROM MICHAELA MAJEUNE, then who do you think deserves to host the show now, especially since she rocks in every way??? Not going to happen, because this is AMERICA. Land of the man-money.
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