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Off Balance

I expect to write a post or two on why Trump won, soonly.  Enoughly.  So, I might mention this again: Notice which states H.Clinton won.  She won the coasts, which is normal for a Dem.  But she lost midwest states which often go Dem.  Not enough support from urban, blacks and women.  But also: These are the lands of the failed middle class.  The small towns that look like they have been bommed out.  People in these nether regions have had enough of "free" trade, and that is one reason why they supported Trump, who was outright opposd to the TPP, since they could not vote for Sanders, who lost due to the Dems stupidity.  "It's like they were cheating so they could LOSE." - My thought exactly.

But, Clinton won the coasts.  The coasts are not so opposed to "free trade".  Even progressives on the coasts support the TPP.  I am speaking of Howard Dean, and the Oregon senators.  Now, Dean is angling to become the new DNC Chairperson.  And Ron Weyden, Oregon Senator, is shouting out about how the breitbart.com guy is anti-Semitic.  I want you to see a little deeper than the face-value politics which is going on.  I want you to see how the forces promoting the TPP are at it again - and this time it is trying to work through the agencies of progressive Dems from the coasts.  This is what they do: They use buzz-words, like "racism", and so forth, to advance deeper agendas.  I've seen this so often, I guarantee you that this conspiracy theory is correct.  Just keep your eye on things.

So, the head of New Balance once said something good about Trump, and now he is under fire.  So, this is what is possible:

Say you are against the TPP.  And you support this part of Trump's platform.  So, of course, some stupid Neo-NAZI, white-power group officially supports you, because you said something good about Trump.  You didn't ask for that, and it makes no sense.  But, because it happened, (as it happened to Trump), all the Democrats start castigating you because you are "associated with white racism."  It doesn't matter that they are the ones generalising, and so being racist, by pre-judging you to be GUILTY BY their own ASSOCIATION, i.e., assumptions.  Because so many Democrats act like this?  It's another reason why they are losing.  People are sick of it.  The more they do it?  The more they fan the flames of the very racism which they decry.

If you are opposed to TPP, then you are a "nationalist," which means you are, "alt-right," which means you are a racist anti-Semite, etc.  But, what about those corporation-people who SUPPORT the TPP?  How come they don't get called names?  How come selling out your country to globalist profiteers isn't considered anti-American, and so anti-middle-class, and so anti-Protestant, and anti-white, and so racist?  This is all garbage, folks.

By the way, I usually use the term "middle class" instead of "working class" because it includes more groups, all of whom have been hit by the bad economy, from blacks to Native Americans to now-homeless to professionals to poor.  It also suggests that a New Middle is possible, replacing the present corporate-owned middle, shared by both party establishments.

Oh - btw...  Guess who is sponsoring NPR this morning.  No, it's not the usual ADM or Lumber Liquidators.  It's Koch Industries!  And "Hisdick's Insurance".  And The Candida Fund.

Sounds like some kind of STD, urinary problem.

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