I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Russians on the perimeter!

My journals stats have been off the dial! Do you know where most of my popularity comes from? AT LEAST two thirds of my readership is Ruskie. Edgar Cayce predicted that Russia would one day be the land of the freest of the free...

I like to think that my ideas here - from the Aussie trapped in Amerika - may one day help progress occur in the land which is protecting one of my heroes, Edward Snowden. I am sure that my Ruskie friends are quite happy that pro-Russia Donald Trump has won, (even while he is ass-backwards on other issues). We were on the precipice of a nuclear war, with Hillary and Obama castigating Putin for things they could not even prove. I do believe that Obama did step in and de-escalate things - something that will not be released until 40 years from now.

There have been so many issues - Ukraine, Odessa, Georgie, Syria, Clinton email scandal, etc., where Russia has been blatantly propagandised against, by our corpocratic media. I have disdain and disgust for what has gone down, and have even more for the silly dupes who have believed this crap. Once again, I apologise to Russia, as I have to the planet.

I know that Russia wants lots of people to move there and repopulate - yeah! If you can pay me like Alaska does, then I might think of it. No doubt, Siberia is the place to be - which is something Trump will have to slowly learn, since he believes, on little-boy-gossip, that global warming is a bad thing, and therefore is to be blamed on Democrats.

It was the NAZI's and the Neo-NAZI's who invaded Ukraine, partly subsidised by George Soros. Ironically, you learn this stuff by reading factual articles from such sites as, "breitbart.com", which is now widely being castigated as being anti-Semitic and racist and everything else. The perpetual separatism, because it benefits a few assholes at the top, is what bothers and amazes me most. We stupid fucking human beings - we can't just let it go AND LIVE IN PEACE. Stop picking the fucking scab! Ughhhh!!!!!!!

"Russia is people!"
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