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I am the person who will destroy China.

Why and Why Not?

I've been meaning to write this post for months now. Last minute.

Here's why Hillary Clinton will win:

1 - Ironically - and suspiciously - she has been the ultimate winner of dirty-money-is-speech in politics - from dark, unknown sources, as granted in the, "Citizens United," Supreme Court decision. Some of you may know that the complainant in that suit was the maker of a documentary which happened to be pro-Hillary. That's what I mean by ironic - suspicious. But, there are lots of other things to be suspicious about, so why dwell on it? Hillary loves meh. And, so, yes, Hillary shall winnery because she has been enshrouded by gobs and gobs of loving corporate money, most of which would have otherwise been illegal. Some of that comes from places like, oh I don't know, China.

2 - Hillary has reaped the love of the GOP establishment, primarilly the Bush's. Why would they do this? First of all, one must recognise that the Bush's and the Clintons are part of the same crime family, and very much, now, an extension of the global bankster-criminal elite, who also put Obama in office. Ever since "trickle-down" Thatcher-Reagan, it has been an endless coup of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Bush-and-now-Clinton. Doesn't that kinda look profane to you? Just WHY anyone would be stupid enough to vote in another Clinton is beyond me. But, the fact is that, when the GOP lost control to Donald Trump, this is what happened: Dark GOP money swooned to Hillary Clinton; BUSH money pivotted to Clinton; a GOP PAC was born, "Republicans for Her"; ultimate military-industrial establishmentarian, John McCain openly opposed Trump, other GOP opposed Trump, Chris Christy associates were shot down, and so on. This is all because the bipolar establishment, overseeing both parties, has chosen Hillary Clinton. Assange has said as much! It's blatantly obvious and repugnant.

3 - Hillary has the $$$ support of Monsanto, Goldman-Sachs, Bill Gates, GEORGE SOROS, and other billionaire destructivists.

4 - She has taken Margaret Thatcher voice lessons - and when that got too grating, she took, "likeable," lessons. Anyone who is more people-savvy than her can easilly detect, in her voice and actions, imitations of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and - even - bizarrely, BILL COSBY! But, since there are millions of people who are less people-savvy than she is, this will help her win, dazzling the masses.

5 - Clinton = Status Quo. Big money likes that. Fear and anxiety likes that. That is why the establishment has sponsored fear-producing events in the news, believe it or not.

6 - Obama. You would be amazed at all the moves Obama has made, including in policy, to make Clinton look good by association. Since his administration was a "success", like um in the Middle East(!), then this means that Clinton will be a success, (not).

7 - Female Puritanism. Or liberal Political Correction. Trump, a wild card - the "chaos candidate" - makes himself highly vulnerable to scorn. And people feel big when they denounce people on grounds of morality - when the irony is that they are sinners themselves - and this is no more true than it is for the CLINTONS.

8 - Clinton has the support of blacks - AND women, (other than Millenials and coal-belters). There is almost no way anyone can beat that, especially given the following:

9 - Early voting turn-out has been very high. That suggests that all voter turn-out will be high. High voter turnout has always favoured Democrats.

10 - She has the idiotic support of Bernie Sanders. That puts him on the side of the corporate media. Funny how things turn out.

11 - Trump is also an idiot.

12 - She had a 5% lead late in the campaign, and that has never been beaten.

13 - The Philadelphia SEPTA strike is over, and she has the support of Bruce Springsteen.

On the other hand...

Why Trump could win:

1 - He finally learned how to slow down and stop being so reactive.

2 - He has a LOT of recent momentum.

3 - He represents a massive anti-establishment movement. It is just a matter of whether a sizable amount of liberal progressives will secretly switch from Bernie-Clinton to Trump, recognising that this is the same movement that they supported when they were behind Bernie. Yes, Trump is not the fun guy that Bernie is.

4 - Personality. He has charisma and a long history of telegenesis.

5 - Contrary to the caricature, he doesn't lie so much as he flubs. As sloppy as he is, when it comes up against global corporate money, the corporate media, pathological Clinton lying, and deceptions from the establishment - anti-establishment people feel that Trump represents the truth.

I've heard all this weak talk about strategic voting in "swing states" - voting for Hillary just to keep the EVIL Trump from winning. Fortunately, we don't even have to discuss how morally and practically lame that stragedy is. Why? Because, most likely, CLINTON IS GOING TO WIN.

So WHY NOT VOTE YOUR HEART? Why NOT vote for a third party, if Clinton is going to win?! Why not give a voice to YOUR segment of the population, going forward into the future - even no-matter who wins the top-dog seat?!

AND - if lots of people are peeling away from Clinton - but at the same time lots of people are peeling away from Trump - voting for third parties, THEN:

Why doesn't everyone do it - on both frickin sides?! You'll still get the same outcome, most likely, but with a huge amount of people supporting alternate parties. That not only means inlfuence in the Congress, etc., it means THE BEGINNING OF A TRUE THIRD PARTY TO REPLACE MUCH OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT BULLSHIT.

Do it!

You know you love me! Listen to me! With your heart!

Take care. Vote whatever. Just keep reading, because truth and imagination goes far, far beyond this. AND THAT IS OUR FREEDOM. Oh - just let me note: In contrast to how so many Americans can be timid in reading this journal, I seem to be doing kick-ass with the Russians, and I think that's great. Recalling the prophesies of Edgar Cayce: Russia will become a land of great, great freedom. Believe me. It will be fantastic.
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