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Presidents in the basement.

Well, there's a lot going on. I have a lot to post. It's torture. Gotta go shopping. But, I will be posting on Trump, etc., trust me. Note that I have been seeing a lot of wishful thinking on the Right - as on the Left. This gives rise to rumours. But, facts also come out in all this, like Wikileaks. There have been reports of the Clinton's being involved in lesbianism and pedophilia. The former is supported by actual democrats in WDC. Well, good gosh, considering that pedophilia is a regular staple of the corpocrat elites, I don't think it is a stretch to imagine that the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate JUST MIGHT be involved. I mean, it is an accepted joke that Bill Clinton is a leud sex-addict - so, yeah. And, look at all those nice priests whom everyone trusted above all else.

And, meanwhile, all that "Citizens United" money did a good job of researching and contriving and building up the whole Trump sex/abuse scandal. Because, the Clintons have become masters of learning and enacting the Republican trick of painting their opponents with their own sins or crimes, and blaming them into the dirt. The tactic used on Trump was well practiced first on Bill Cosby. I don't know if you've noticed this, but there has been a continuing taking-down of black entertainers, etc., who have made it in the white world - sometimes even when they have posed no real threat to the elites. But, enough talk for now. I know you will see the following as conspiracy theory, and that's fine, because nothing has yet been proved. All along, there has wishful wingnut thinking, e.g., claiming that Wikileaks would be coming out with the next anti-Clinton bombshells... Oh, but wait, that actually happened.

Woops: FBI, CIA, NYPD Officials Set To Drop The Hammer: Video Evidence Of “Bill Clinton and Six Government Officials Taking Part In Sexual Acts With Minors” To Be Released Before Election

Wikileaks Reveals Satanic Rituals Used By White House Chiefs

“We Need To Clean This Up”: More Evidence Obama LIED About Clinton Emails

Biden: Hillary Didn’t Recognize ‘Gravity’ Of Setting Up Private Email Server - Nice of him to cover for her - but no one ever mentions that INTENTION doesn't really matter. STUPID INCOMPETENCE does. But if anyone said this, they would be called a sexist.

Wikileaks to drop bombshell Clinton emails in next two days; Clinton camp quivers in fear - "Oh, really? Then they're fake!" - Actually, more batches have been coming out - and not just from Wiki. That's not to say that I don't think Hillary Clinton will win. I'm talking reality here...

7 Wikileaks Revelations About Hillary Clinton That The Media Is Completely Ignoring

Not sure if you can access this - Some links expire... 18 Revelations from Wikileaks...
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