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A Prayer for People and Planet: 500 Clergy Hold 'Historic' Mass Gathering for Standing Rock
Roughly a hundred protesters and clergy members shut down the North Dakota state Capitol with a lawn prayer circle

"It was very moving to be there in solidarity," said Philadelphia-based Bishop Dwayne Royster. (Photo: Steven Martin/National Council of Churches)

In a "historic" show of interfaith solidarity, 500 clergy members prayed along the banks of North Dakota's Cannonball River on Thursday where they "bore witness with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation," which has faced intimidation, violence, and arrests for protecting their sacred land and water supply from the threats of a massive oil pipeline.

According to the Episcopal News Service, "The interfaith group spent more than five hours on site, marching, singing hymns, sharing testimony, and calling others to join them in standing with the more than 200 tribes who have committed their support to the Sioux Nation as they protest the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)."

Later, roughly a hundred protesters and clergy members held a prayer circle on the lawn of the North Dakota state Capitol in Bismarck, forcing the police to order a lock-down of the building. "Highway Patrol Lt. Tom Iverson said 14 people were arrested in the Capitol's judicial wing for refusing to leave the building. Iverson said the protesters, who were holding a sit-in and singing prayer hymns, faced disorderly conduct charges," AP reported.

Read more, see video...

Here is documentation of articles regarding Standing Rock, with earliest articles listed first. Most recent are at the end. Since this issue is widely in the global news, I won't be doing large posts on it after this, most probably. Should the issue fade from the USA news cycles, because of idiot politicians, please remember that there are still hundreds of protestors out in the cold, standing up for rights and claims that are legally valid! They are a sovereign nation, but are being treated as squatters. Here we go...

Date uncertain - Riot Police Move in on North Dakota Pipeline Protesters

24 Oct, 2016 - Dakota Access Pipeline: Police fire on media drones, mass arrests, treaty rights declared

24 October - Ridiculous: Reporting on the Dakota Pipeline may get journalist 45 years in jail

25 October 2016 - Raw footage of mass arrests at North Dakota oil pipeline protest – video

October 25, 2016 - ‘They Always Break!’ Latest Pipeline Leak Underscores Dangers of DAPL

October 26 - VIDEO: Watch Police Viciously Attack, Arrest Peaceful Protesters at DAPL Including Children and the Elderly

October 26 - Over 120 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists

26 October 2016 - Guards for North Dakota pipeline could be charged for using dogs on activists

October 26, 2016 - As Natives Declare Treaty Rights, Police Admit Defeat — Cite Lack of “Manpower” to Remove DAPL Protesters

October 27, 2016 - 5 Things You Need to Know About the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

27 Oct, 2016 - Police warn of eviction 'at any time' as Dakota Access protesters refuse to leave private land

October 27 -
Cops Begin ILLEGALLY Removing DAPL Protesters From Protected Indian Land — Stolen Through Eminent Domain

27 Oct, 2016 - Arrests as North Dakota cops remove pipeline protesters from private land

28 October - North Dakota pipeline: 141 arrests as protesters pushed back from site - (Includes video).

October 28 - Farm owner arrested for protesting Dakota Access Pipeline's theft of her land

October 30 - Why Dakota Is the New Keystone

October 31, 2016 - Here’s Why Everyone on Facebook Is Checking into Standing Rock, North Dakota

November 1 - 10 Images That Perfectly Illustrate the Struggle Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

1 Nov, 2016 - North Dakota DAPL protester charged with attempted murder of police officer

November 1 - Someone Just Donated $2.5 Million to Bail Out Everyone Arrested at Standing Rock

Nov 01 - Snopes: Anonymous Donor Pays $2.5 Million to Release Everyone Arrested at Dakota Access Pipeline?

November 02 - In Sign of 'Overwhelming Support,' Water Protectors Raise Over $3 Million to Fight Dakota Access

3 November - The Dakota Pipeline: The Human Right to Water at Standing Rock

3 November - We must listen to the Dakota Access pipeline protesters, not punish them

November 04 - 'Pipelines Leak': Expert Finds Government Downplayed DAPL Impact on Tribe and Water

5 November - Dakota Access: company under scrutiny over sacred artifacts in oil pipeline's path

November 5 - Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Ignored Obama Admin Request to Halt Construction

Bernie Sanders: Damn Right! / Obama Waffles!

Latest: Turning Point at Standing Rock? Resistance and Renewed Hope Against Dakota Access...
Is this the turning point for the Dakota Access Pipeline? Word spread through the camp on Friday of a discussion between the Army Corps of Engineers and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that could mean a breakthrough. “This proves that our prayers are really strong from the Oceti Sakowin camp,” Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous...

[Note - see more at Common Dreams, Global Research, or sites listed above.  See my tag - "dakota access pipeline".  BBC: "The Week in Pictures." On The Media: "Checking In" On Standing Rock + "On Shaky Ground," (audio)].

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