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I am the person who will destroy China.

Mass Vitamin G Deficiency

Long before I was ever born, I had a gumption to see a political transformation occur in this country, where the truly progressive Left, (not status/quo sheeple running away from the "liberal" label), join up with the truly progressive (constitutional-libertarian) Right, and cooperate to the benefit of a "NEW MIDDLE" - to replace the faux middle that the establishment and corporate media have bought up.

There are poor rural whites on the right, and on the left are poor urban whites and blacks - more poor today than in the days when we had a prominent middle class. NPR has recently done reports on a, "New Middle," but only as an entity where the middle class is now poorer. They did not perceive the political dynamics behind that movement towards populism. Instead, they have been polarising the far left away from the far right, and vice versa. Alex Jones, and others on the right, including Donald Trump, have been driving away the two margins from each other, as well.

Issues like gun control, immigration, and race, have been skilfully perpetrated to do precisely this: To continue the polarisation of the popular movement. The really powerful issues which unite us, like opposing the TPP, or corporate-government intrusion into our lives, or economic inequality, or the need for an increase in Social Security, have been flouted, and secretly rejected or postponed. The TPP, GMO's, corporatism, spying, police militarisation, wars - these keep marching on without our consent. Corporations have become the represented, and we of money-less voice have become the unpopular.

There is no mending this country's decline unless these two arms of the same movement can be brought together, to beat out the blue-dog-blood NeoLibs and the RINO NeoCons - both of the same cloth. The inbred, insider corruption and sleaze - and lies - will continue spinning the country into downfall at our expense, only to gain them some profit, by the global corporations who's greater interest is in selling out to China.

But, instead of coming together, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders went running back into the opposite arms of the Bipolar Establishment, as puppetted by the GOP and the DNC. Donald Trump was fitted with a suit by the establishment GOP, requiring him to espouse pro-corporate, divisive issues from the past, like the capital gains tax, or climate-denial. Hillary Clinton obsessed over gun-control, and identity politics, and Donald Trump's alleged misogynist affairs. And Bernie Sanders immediately shouted that the most important thing was to defeat Trump, or else the world would end - slipping us right back into the perverted "lesser-of-two-evils," paranoid thinking. That is that game that has been played on us, ever since the assassination of JFK. By the powers that are too big to fail.

These leaks - they're not all from Wiki - they are from sources inside the government, eating itself alive. These shootings and bommings - they are not all accidents, believe me. The emergence of the women decrying Trump - this was contrived, built up from a few scintilla of facts. One side gets to play the other for a while, to bring the polls back to their favour, keeping it a horse-race, to rile everyone up, and keep the media rolling in dough. There is serious, serious conspiracy in all of this, all designed for three purposes: To make money; to give the people the illusion of control, and to keep the powerful in power. The Banks. The corporations. The elite families. The Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate. The media. Donald Trump wanted to work as an independent, but he is part of it.

Clinton insists that Putin and Trump are to blame - and Obama says that an election of Trump would bring the collapse WE the People of the planet. And so don't trust a Hitler-type promising to save us all! And Trump is partly caught in that role, blaming the multitudes of immigrants, or collectivists, or fraudulent voters, or whoever is the order of the day. But both these camps are the same thing - two sides of the same coin. Good cop and bad cop, (and vice versa), keeping us walking along in one limitted path towards more declining status quo. The psychopathic collective, and its leader, blames the nominal psychopathic individual, and his horde. But they are just mirror images for the Bipolar Establishment. That way lies madness and squalor for what would have been a NEW MIDDLE.

Like sheep, the people vote from fear, each one thinking him or herself calculating in the vote - as if at war. But, they do not see that their vote in private is, in this way, being given over to the influence of outsiders, all to the benefit of the establishment - over and over again. It is a trap and it is a giving over of one's liberty and spirit. The defeat is already arrived! With Clinton in office, we will be stuck in her graft and indictments, etc. And, if Trump is elected, then pretty much the same paralysis. Add to this convenient partisan gridlock, while the politicians and lobbyists continue with their corruption, lies and false promises - and we are back to square zero.

So WHY NOT vote for a third party?! Why vote at all of you are only going to contribute to the depressing mania above? Why not be yourself, and vote for whom you believe in? Be the first. If everyone did this, we would be out of this perverted quagmire in a few years. Instead, everyone thinks he or she is being smart, performing their civic duty of strategic voting. Like a stressed out rat in a Walden Two operant conditioning box.

Anyway... The point was that I long ago saw the need for coming together. I created the term, "New Middle," well before NPR came along with it. I predicted this year's populist uprising, but saw that real change might not come until 2018. I watched as this exciting movement turned into an us-verses-them fight, infused by money from billionaires and actions of agents provocateurs, and swallowed well back into the Bipolar, Divide-and-Conquer Establishment, or the GOP and DNC. I look on, in amazement of the stupidity. I look on like an unwilling prophet, already holding the picture of imminent doom. I see ants - ANTS!

Be not a part of the babbling psychopathy, citizen! Do you know what ultimately is going to come out of this backwards thinking - this reptilian paranoia? War! BIG. TIME. WAR. In YOUR cities.

Instead, join the Green Tea Party, and vote for something you really believe in. Green Tea! green_tea_party - Created on 25 March 2010. Tell me I'm not ahead of my time...

‘Green Tea Coalition’: Strange bedfellows fight for solar power in Sunshine State

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You can add other 101 communities, trying to do the same thing, more seriously, like, liberal_plus. By the way, I forgot to mention in the recent post: Yes, the article was from a conservative, but you get the idea. And, there are other articles recently in that same site, (WakingTimes), which you might like to check out. Finally, I have been listening to, "American Roots," featuring songs relative to elections. Very good. Listen here. But, nothing beats, Higher Ground.

PS - In case you think I am only anti-Clinton/DNC - look at this post I found just now. But those were different times as well, already - remember them? Remember EVERYTHING!
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