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Grand Junction is one of my favourite places. I've never actually been in the town - I've only passed through a few times on the wonderful California Zephyr. (Once, coming through, sitting in the train, I an others noticed several odd little thuds coming from the front. The train stopped. People looked out the windows and there were dead cattle all around, killed by the train. I said the word, "carcass," and somehow this turned everyone from their alerted, excited, confused state, towards a silent fear of death. I felt their heavy blame thrown upon my shoulders).

It is a beautiful ride all along, but especially through the stark pastel Utah canyons and formations, into the narrow green corridor through Grand Junction. It is one of the most hidden-away places I have seen in this country. A great place to go in the event of apocalypse. I am imagine that there may be flooding, and crowding, problems. I looked into apartment prices, and they are just too steep for me. Lots of superstar people live or visit there. I think they have a little movie festival or something. Also, as opposed to Alamosa, Grand Junction gets very hot in the summer - but at least its not humid.

If you remember your American history, Grand Junction was once the capital of this country, when the aliens were here for a while. Did you miss that? Well, you can read it all right here:

Harris Moffatt III, President of the Free United States and Prime Minister of Canada, has never seen Washington, D.C.; it belongs to the Krolp now, along with ninety percent of everything. All he can do is try to keep the rest of it out of their hands. - Vilcabamba! - (Vilcabamba podcast).

PS - Just to note: Another favourite area of the country is from around Flathead Lake to Glacier National Park. Once, after hitchhiking through Wyoming into Montana, I jumped onto a grain train, and rode off into the night. I was huddled into a round cubby hole under a grain car, but I stepped out into the open, as the train passed through ridges and hills undisturbed by humans. It was awesome to see the elk wandering in the moonlight, as we passed. As the train took long turns, it was clear that the men in the engine car must have seen me standing there, gawking. At some point, the train stopped, and some guy came back, checking into my hiding place. Maybe he was just checking the links or joints or whatever they are called. But, I of course retreated even further back into an even tinier cubby hole inside the cubby hole! There was available a piece of cardboard, which I propped in front. I sat there, waiting for the danger to go away, and the train to roll again, next to a spider, but never learnt his name. Anyway, looking out over the seemingly never-ending, bending Flathead Lake, in the mountain moonlight, was to die for.  Magnificent.

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