where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

LJ notes

Thank you, Readership, for making October 29 my most popular (115) day this month! - (Beating out the 9'th and the 23'd). I'll never figure out the WHY about these things.

I do think that I am garnering more Ruskies ever since I switched over to, "Cyrillic Services." That is the only reason I am keeping it, because it sucks in every other way. That shows to go ya - LJ is now a RUSSIAN enterprise. Don't kid yourselves. However, Some of yous - like me - will see this as a good thing, y'alls.

Let's see... Well, that, in no way, beat last month's highs of, 164, and 124. But last month, I was TRYING. Not this month.

I really do derive spiritual pleasure in presenting posts that you all want to key in to, babies. If you like a post, etc., please bop in and let me know, because otherwise my flesh rots for you a hall hall hall.

btw - I do believe numbers get multiplied by the VERACITY of the message - so - I don't worry about small ratings, even though my ratings in LJ are decent enough!
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