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I am the person who will destroy China.

Woolly Mammoths

As should you, I love every kind of elephantine.  Should they bring back the Woolly Mammoth?  I figure that someone will anyway, and when I've had wine, I kinda wanta say yeah, oh yeah!  So, here is only one link for you.  But, it contains a link to a Ted Talk, etc., so this could be a well-earned adventure for the most daring cave dwellers of you.

Facts About Woolly Mammoths

I used to think that there were major differences between mastodons and mammoths, time-wise.  But, I was not correct.  They were more clustered together in time than I had thought.

Tonight, I got home, and the bald guy immediately began stomping around severely loud. So, as luck would have it, I had a nice little romp around with my dog upstairs. My dog had to get out some anger at me, so he growled a lot.

This anger was because whenever I SHALL go out ON MY OWN that day, he knows it, and then follows me everywhere, around the apartment. This makes it impossible for my CFS mind to think, as I try to remember and prepare to leave. So, I have to yell at him. He does not understand. It is sooooooooooo aggravating. Especially when you are trying to keep things quiet for whomever lives downstairs. He just trots back and forth, following me around, when I am trying to string two thoughts together.

What I bought at the stores today... Halloween stuff I am working on. Did laundry. Bought another pair of shoes! At Goodwill. For $9. They are similar to my Nevado Boomerangs, except higher top, higher heal - making them better for the winter. But they also cut into the top of mine toes. Utility shoes. Awesome. Well, next month, the plan is to buy those shoes from Menards - that means 3 new pairs of shoes, in the blink of a proverbial eye. Menards shoes: Size NINE. But - if they ALSO cut into my toes, then I will begin to despair of my inhumane condition.

In the old country, shoes were wealth.
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