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Paranormal conversation.

There was a report that space alien signals might have been coming from around a nearby star. This was apparently debunked. But then there was a later explanation claiming that they had not actually have been debunked - and so the question is still open.

I believe I also posted two contrasted articles, regarding contact. One was from a scientist claiming that by the time any civilisation became capable of contacting us, or visitting us, it would destroy itself. We would do the same thing, as the looming threats of nuclear war, and mass-extinction, suggest. (I somewhat disagreed with this article).

The other one was that space aliens are probably sitting back and watching us, and are ready to destroy us all, if they decide that we pose a threat to other life and civilisations in the universe, (including their own). They would be able to discern, from afar, that we are fucking up, because they can measure the changes in our atmosphere. Of course, some people believe that they can watch us up real close-like, as well.

Now, comes a new scoop on whether aliens are trying to contact us. According to this latest hypothesis, hundreds of civilisations may be beaming signals to us. It is said that they may be doing this to, "alert us to their presence."

That sounds rather menacing, doesn't it? See, right there, is a media bias against aliens. Because, if it were us sending out signals into space, it would be reported that we were being noble and pure of spirit and cooperative, and all that Star Trek stuff. See the bias? No wonder Stephen Hawking warns us to shut up, and stop sending signals into space, because it will probably invite trouble. Because other beings would interpret our signals as, "alerts" - as warnings or threats. Because the universe is full of insecure and angry skeptics, who are full of themselves, just like us.

The question is... Why? Why do we want to contact space aliens? Because there is an innate curiosity in our genes, next to the opposable thumb genes, albeit destined to destroy our entire planet? Is this some new kind of religious fervour - Scientism - because - you know what they're saying about people who believe in religion. (That study throws around broad concepts and is a bit vague, imo).

We want to do it because we want to escape ourselves. And, when you act like that, you're like a horse running back into a burning barn. That's what happens when you put your faith in absolutes, like, "we are so special." All absolutes have built-in loops - trap doors - that undo themselves. It's like, every theory has its own fatal black swan, eventually. That's just how mortal nature is.

So, along comes another idea. If we leave a dead astronaut to float around in space, it might land on a planet and sow the seeds of life there. Wouldn't that be good? It's just like Johnny Appleseed! Or Kudzu and Garlic Mustard - (tasty!). But, one problem I have with this is that the microbes on our bodies assumedly want to eat other organic things. There are only minerals on inorganic planets - no organic things.

Will all the microbes on this, "corpse flower," just eat each other, until there is only one microbe left?! And it looks just like the dead astronaut?! It LIVES! It LIVES!

But, you see, what dunderhead humans don't understand is not that they would, (theoretically), be seeding LIFE so much as they would be seeding DEATH. If we impose life upon some inorganic planet, which is just lollygagging along, minding its own business, then we will be introducing DEATH upon every one of these new lives. Do we really need more death in the universe?

Really, look at our foolish interventionism, born from curiosity and narcissistic, "empathy." We continue the whole doctrine of introducing, "democracy," to foreign countries, only to destabilise, cause war, and evoke millions of refugees and deaths, which we then close our borders to, calling each other racists. We are taking this whole greedy monkey business into the stars! What could possibly go wrong?

No wonder we want to get away from this planet.

Oh - and I reported to you about the Podesta UFO emails, leaked by Wikileaks. This is being covered further over at EARTHFILES. (The Earthfiles radio report was late last night, which I missed. I wonder if you can find a podcast of this, either on said website, or on the coast-to-coast website?) Finally, I also linked you to an article which claimed that the hacking into Podesta emails was done by curious young turk geeks, because they wanted to learn more about UFOs(!) Well, how hard can it be - you don't have to be the Russian State - to hack into an email account, which has a password of: "p@sswerd"?!

Two more science stories: Hexegon 1 and Hexagon 2.

I have been dealing with fatigue, and needing to get my energy together so I can go shopping. I am not myself today - and I don't like to make comments when I am not myself. It's also draining. So, please be a bear with me. I would have been OK today, but last night, after a day of extra quietness, I was startled by a short, sharp shock - a bang directly below my bed, at around 11:pm. The bald guy punishes me even when I am quiet - for things in his psychotic head. My heart has been racing ever since, causing a serious fatigue relapse.
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