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Since I am going to the library tomorrow I have to watch DVDs, so I can return them.  As mentioned, I watched, "Indigo," which was a little like, "Little Miss Sunshine."  It was a journey of healing.  I also tried to watch, "Les Miserables," but when the bead of snot kept trying to roll down Anne Hathaway's crying face, I couldn't stand it anymore.  I wasn't needing to be in a miserable mood, brought on by how bad the music was.  So, I already returned that one.

Tonight, I managed to watch virtually ALL of, "Eat, Pray, Love."  I checked it out, thinking it had something to do with that Japanese woman and her old-world mother - what was the name of that movie/book???  But, I eventually found out that this was that movie so fervently promoted by Oprah Winfrey.  It turned out to be, in my opinion, an empty, self-absorbed, manufactured wing-ding by a woman who, even though she lost all her money in a divorce, had plenty of money to throw around, creating her own self-fantasy - or, "word."  Yet another travelogue where the main character visits other countries and always ends up with these people coming out of nowhere, who have no lives of their own, and who become her bestest-ever friends for life.

I can say that I myself have reached spiritual enlightenment, through a lot of hurt and pain and struggle and homelessness and jerkwad people and turn-coat promises and false lovers and so forth - without spending a lot of money - and nobody came out of the woodwork for me, and it was never made into a movie.  (Although, maybe my doctor will turn my CFS story into a book - idk - I have yet to follow that up.  I can't work on that project while my life continues to be sabotaged by this mentally ill bald guy downstairs).

"In Italy, we cherish the concept of, 'The sweetness of doing nothing!'"  So, Julia Roberts spends months trying to learn how to do nothing - and to shut her mind up - and to be alone.  Again, I have been alone on a frozen pile of branches, trying to sleep through the night.  I have wasted away years being alone and doing nothing but staring at the spinning celing.  I didn't start off in life filling myself up with a whole bunch of neuroses and denial, so I could make all the money I needed to try to cure myself of the aforementioned, which doesn't really cure anything.

Really, she never really cured herself, because, on the one hand she tells the lover guy, "I don't need to love you to prove that I love myself!" then, soon enough, she is running into his arms, starting up the next failed relationship, but painting it over with all this talk about finding balance, and self.  I looked the book up in Wikipedia, and found that a lot of people thought it was Boomer-Yuppie new age garbage, which insulted other cultures, basically by making them ancillary to the Western ego.  So, I found the end of the Wiki article cute...

"Andrew Gottlieb, an American comedy writer and producer, wrote a parody of Gilbert's Book, titled Drink, Play, Fuck: One Man's Search for Anything Across Ireland, Vegas and Thailand. Gottlieb, in a 2010 interview with The New Yorker, said, "I was mystified by the success of Eat, Pray, Love, and I felt that the book, and its Oprah-sanctioned ubiquity, needed to be made fun of."[19]"

Of course, there were instances of real healing, empathy, etc., or else I wouldn't have watched it. But the healing story was nowhere near that of another bad, but better, movie, "Indigo." I think, "Juno," and, "Pieces of April," and, "Little Miss Sunshine," were all better at constructing healing journeys, despite being all so rough-and-tumble, and not needing to go to India or engage in magical thinking.

Do you know how you get healing?  Care.  Eat less.  Be active.  Get lots of regular, deep sleep.  And, in your dreams, when you experience younger selves or people, you are healing.  When you see infants, you are nearly healed - at least until the next shock in your life throws you for a loop.  I noticed that, "Indigo," was kind of like a healing dream, as the grandfather went on a road-trip, and met up with a bunch of teens - or younger selves.  At the end of Juno's journey, a baby is born.  Our own healing is the same as the healing of the species, trying to regenerate itself.  Circles.  We are part of bigger things - everything is connected.
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