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Indigenous peoples have bravely taken the lead in fighting DAPL. The Standing Rock Sioux reservation is immediately downstream of where the pipeline will cross the Missouri River. They get their drinking water from the river, and they can see the handwriting on the wall.  

#NoDapl protesters display a lighted sign at [Standing] Sacred Rock camp in North Dakota on September 2, 2016. (Photo: Joe Brusky)

They let loose dogs on the protesters. A truck drove into them. They were arrested as, "rioters." If you go back to my post, "Actress Shailene Woodley arrested during pipeline protest," you will see more, like, "September 30: VIDEO: Militarized Police Turn Peaceful Native American Protest Into a War Zone."

Things have continued to heat up, as the North Dakota, (and other states), have back the pipeline's corporation and banks, in treating Native and Americans as squatters on their own land - because profits for the global economy is a moral imperative for their greedy hearts. It is business as usual - but ratcheted up, to a level approaching fascism - state-backed corporate RULE BY FORCE.

As on so many other issues, Barack Obama's words have not lived up to his actions. Yes, he rejected the Keystone Pipeline - but this Dakota Access Pipeline, (DAPL), is basically the same project, risen from the dead. It basically runs along the same route, and brings oil - from increasingly expensive fields in the north - to, guess what state? Illinois, of course.

And, yes, Obama slowed down the DAPL, for review, because, um, WE HAVE AN ELECTION APPROACHING, in which Obama is determined to get Hillary Clinton elected, both to protect his legacy, and to keep the global corporatist machine booming, and contributing to the party, and leaving more and more of the middle class in the dust.

So, as the human struggle at the DAPL only intensifies, and as more and more Americans identify with the plight of these people, what we are given is just more dawdling, and farcical comics on political TV: Two puppet talking heads, jousting with grade school barbs, like a couple of creepy old clowns, hiding all their real issues, and motivations, and crimes, behind childish, time-bomm lies.


September 9:  President Obama: Pull the DAPL Permit, Do the Climate Test
Bill McKibben, cofounder of, has suggested that we start naming major storms after companies that help create them. Instead of a headline like “Hurricane Sandy Slams Ashore,” we would see “Hurricane Exxon Devastates Thousands, Kills 285.” Perhaps we should also consider naming large-scale fossil fuel infrastructure projects after the politicians who allow them to be built.

On July 25, the Army Corps of Engineers issued the final major permits needed to build the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). Exactly one week later, on August 1, the White House issued new guidelines saying that any future projects similar to DAPL should be evaluated for their impact on climate change before they are allowed to move forward.

DAPL would be the largest pipeline ever to come out of North Dakota and, at 1,172-miles long, it would be only seven miles shorter than Keystone XL, which was rejected by the president because it didn’t pass his climate test. So it raises the question: Why, of all projects, shouldn’t DAPL have to pass a similar test? Is anyone really going to argue that the new guidelines shouldn’t apply to DAPL simply because they came out one week after the permits were issued? That would be a pretty lame excuse, and lead a cynical person to question the timing of both events.

October 23: 'Stakes Are Getting Higher': 83 People Arrested, Maced in North Dakota - "Saturday's arrests follow reports of escalating police abuse at the protest sites, including beatings and unnecessary strip-searches of those arrested"

October 23: Strip Searches, Brutality, And Violent Arrests, Proves Which Side The Government Has Taken on DAPL

Oh, look, a p[picture of the president's inauguration - remember?!

COMMON DREAMS: Includes, Undeterred by Police Escalation, DAPL Opponents "Reclaim" New Frontline

Documentary film-makers face decades in prison for taping oil pipeline protests -

Deia Schlosberg and Lindsey Grayzel face felony charges that first amendment advocates say are part of a growing number of attacks on freedom of the press


Native Americans Document Hundreds of Pipeline Leaks and Oil Spills Kept Secret by North Dakota Government

Oliver Stone’s Snowden, North Dakota, Native-American Rights: The Solidarity of Seeing. “Truth about Motivation that has to do with Truth”

October 23: Dakota pipeline showdown at Standing Rock: When a powerful corporate chief is resisted by defenders of Native American ceremonial grounds

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe against Dakota Access Pipeline. National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Statement of Solidarity

(October 14) - Here's what tells the truth: Wisconsin Sheriff’s Deputy in North Dakota to Patrol DAPL Protectors Arrested Passed Out Under the Influence

All of this just merges with a whole bunch of other civil rights and privacy and abuse and foreign affairs issues, to give one the unnerving impression that: Army Major Says “Everything’s in Place” to Round Up Antiwar Dissenters for Military Detention

During another fall of empire: We continue our blind walk into war - from within, and from without.

Karma awaits

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