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Although it is clear that Wikileaks has not been known to release false documents, the DNC and Clinton campaign, along with cooperative media, threw up a smokescreen, claiming that Russia was responsible for the leaks, (and so the hacks into the DNC). Since Russia has been painted as evil for the past several years, and is known to do nasty spy stuff, (just like our government does), then the Wikileaks documents could not be trusted as being true. (That reminds me of when the Sanders campaign was blamed for a casual breach into the DNC computers which mainly harmed the Sanders campaign).

As soon as the DNC hacks and leaks were made public, the head of the Clinton campaign was on NPR, talking like a reporter, over and over claiming that the Russians did it. "Experts say the Russians did it!"

Still, now, even the upper levels of military intelligence are trying to convey the idea that, "Russia did it," when they have no evidence to support their duplicitous words. (See article linked below). So, the media speaks in the same regard. And so, Wall Street rises on the prospect of Ms. Clinton being elected - (by the powers that be).

So - who, really, is responsible for the leaks? Wikipedia is just a messenger - handing off the information - as a middle-man, (and for that, Ecuador cut off Assange's internet, necessary to his free speech journalism). I find it rather odd, that in all of this cloud of media and blame, it has never occurred to anyone that Hillary Clinton, herself, was responsible for the leaks. Why?

Remember all the news about Clinton mixing her personal and private servers, exposing classified government information to possible hackers? Um. That's exactly what happened.

I don't know how many of you feel as disturbed as I do, over the games that are being played here, which are consistent with games going years into the past, but considering that Clinton represents the global corporate establishment, garnering money from prominent Republicans, etc., while pretending to be Bernie Sanders, I feel that she is the last person this country needs to be president. But, I am ahead of myself. What I am presenting for you here is a not-so-heavy look at the whole hacking controversy, and why we all need computer privacy. As far as WHO DONE WHAT - there are a few links exploring that topic.

There are some good leads for you, as far as finding ways to strengthen your own security on the internet...

Dear Clinton Team: We Noticed You Might Need Some Email Security Tips

Worried Your Emails Might Be Spied On? Here’s What You Can Do

Passphrases That You Can Memorize — But That Even the NSA Can’t Guess

Deep Dive: EFF's New Wordlists for Random Passphrases

Did Russia Hack the DNC … Really?

NSA Whistleblower: US Intelligence Worker Likely Behind DNC Leaks, Not Russia

So Who Hacked Clinton? The Truth Could Be More Shocking Than You Expected

New Details Emerge On Who Leaked Trump Tape. It’s Worse Than Trump Could Have Known

PS - I actually speculated that the GOP itself released Trump's IRS tax info, without his knowledge, just to get the issue largely out of the way. Also, there are various hypotheses for all of these leaks - and that is a very HEALTHY thing. I will be posting an article which considers if Wikileaks itself might be a secret operation of the intelligence establishment. I have heard that the FBI and/or the NSA may already have in its possession ALL of the DNC/Hillary/Podesta leaks. Whether that would mean that the conspiracy is centered there, and not Russia, it is possible that the FBI SHALL be releasing Clinton's 33,000 emails which were supposedly deleted. The only reason for that happening, I would think, would be if Obama or the establishment wanted someone else in office, like Kaine or Biden, either because of her health of because of her lean too far to the left. It's all a big puzzle.

But, it makes sense that OUR omnisciently-spying government would have all of Clinton's, etc., emails, for whatever reason. And, the other truth is: Clinton made some major mistakes in not securing official emails. That's for certain.

Figuring out what games are behind any of this, is just not worth the time of any one person. But, my opinion is, at least, that RUSSIA DIDN'T DO IT. That is partly based on watching how USA diplomacy and tact has chosen to paint Russia as an enemy in recent years.

OK - Besides wikileaks.org, and DCleaks, and Guccifer2.0, here is one more link for you: The Electronic Freedom Foundation. And - don't forget: Be sure you have a strong firewall, and customise it in a very anal fashion. My firewall was made in Russia - just like LiveJournal! (lol)
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