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The Meaning Of Work

Posted on 2016.10.22 at 12:40
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TED Radio Hour: The Meaning Of Work

Comment: Karl Marx said that fulfillment came from the creation of ALL PARTS of a product, whereas Adam Smith said that if one person worked on only one PIECE of a product, then this would increase productivity. Now, we are supposedly entering the, "knowledge-based," economy, or the, "meaning-based economy," where we are moving away from Ford's production-line thinking, towards Marx's idea of full-product fulfillment. That would be nice, but it's not the whole picture. Less and less people get to be a part of the meaning economy, while population, foreign competition, environment, overproduction and robots steal away jobs from the larger part of the population. The MAJOR question is, how will our society get on when a huge amount of people will end up living off a guaranteed income, when they possibly have no work to do? This is something that my noodle is gnawing on. There MUST be some kind of fulfilling work to give to people(!)

More TED: http://www.npr.org/programs/ted-radio-hour/

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