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Assange is Dead?! - Walking into war...

These rumours come up: Paul McCartney, Hillary Clinton, God. That's right - there was an internet rumour, about two weeks ago, that Hillary Clinton was dead, and using a basketful of body-doubles to fill in for her. So, I know to steer clear of these things. But now, there is a rumour that Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, which has been leaking the DNC, Clinton and Podesta emails, is dead - because certain "deadman codes" were released, (see article).


What do I think is going on? This gives me a chance to sing...

Julian Assange may or may not be dead. I think the codes could have been released largely because he felt threatened. I think he has been in danger. He is probably not dead, but he could be.

This comes after some weirdness at the Ecuadoran Embassy, in London, a few weeks ago. Assange had been saying that he would soon be releasing some controversial leaks regarding Hillary Clinton and the DNC. This had been repeated several times in the alternative press. Then, along comes someone who tries to break into the Embassy. The timing on this was more than coincidental, one can assume that this person meant to do harm to Assange. However, this story was quickly buried by the press.

Soon after that, along came the Wednesday, (or Tuesday, USA), where Julian Assange had said he would walk out on the Embassy's balcony, and make an announcement, coinciding with the controversial leaks. Then, the appearance was suddenly cancelled. (Remember, MLK was assassinated as he appeared on a balcony). Not only this, the leaks were also cancelled. And then, not too long after this, he said that his leaks were not intentionally seeking out Clinton as a target. Hmmmm...

My guess is that Assange has been under death threats, and he has scrambled to do what he could to side-step them, and get the leaks out. I don't know if he made a deal with the devil, but he sat on the leaks, pretty much until the media leaks on TRUMP came out, quite coincidentally. (These leaks on Trump are a different subject for discussion). We are not dealing with amateurs here. Assange should have known enough NOT to announce his intentions, which is the biggest mistake one can make in war and love).

But, he did manage to get the leaks out. And then, THIS happened, Immediately before the dead-man codes went out:

WikiLeaks: Assange’s Internet ‘Intentionally Severed’ by State Party

Well, what do ya know about that?! Pretty much confirms what I've been saying. Something is going on - https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/oct/17/ecuador-julian-assange-internet-access-wikileaks. He felt that he was under immediate threat, possibly the threat of death, and let out the codes. God bless him.

Before this, as far as getting the leaks out: I don't know if he had the assistance of Russia, but very possibly. And some leaks came from Guccifer2.0, whom Clinton has been claiming was the Russian government. Whatever happened, it is absurd to conclude, (like a conspiracy theorist), that the Russian STATE, under Putin, is directly behind the leaks.

I've known that this was a smear job from the beginning, when a spokesman from the Clinton campaign reported on NPR that, "experts already know..." Well, he did this way, WAY before so-called experts could have concluded anything.

But, like everyone getting behind the tweet, "How can we be sure these Wikileaks are authentic emails?", everyone got behind the meme that Russia was behind it all.

"US media ignores Clinton stealing Democratic nomination, engages in Russia-bashing instead"

Stop Blaming the Russians

Ha - then Biden threatens to hit Russia with cyber-retaliation, and within hours, he is being interviewed on NPR like a king.

Snowden ridicules Joe Biden's cyberthreats against Russia - (Check out the completely ridiculous picture of Biden)

Glen Greenwald: If you have seen the movie, "Snowden," then you know that Glenn Greenwald was the amazing maverick journalist from the London Guardian, who helped Snowden with the release of his revolutionary leaks. Glenn Greenwald was as powerful a force in the whole affair as was Snowden, or the Guardian itself. He continues, in Brazil, inspired by Snowden, with a site called, "The Intercept."

I am trepidatious - that some of you may now be viewing Assange, Snowden, and Greenwald, as agents of the right, and so of Trump, since Wikileaks haven't been so favourable to Hillary Clinton. And therefore. Just remember, Snowden's leaks were very damaging to the Bush administration. It's all about the illicit conspiracies of the collusive parties in power. (And yes, collusion is what it is. If you don't see this, then you will not understand what has been going on in politics lately).

I leave you with this admonition from Greenwald, suggesting these leaks on Russia will only, stupidly, bring us towards war. (The whole mania to support the candidate of one's party - the lesser of two evils - this rabid denial will bring us to war. Because there is no natural boundary to it. There is no self-control. Blindly blaming Putin, or blindly supporting Russia: We are handing away our own national, personal sovereignty. That is the trap of NOT following your moral conscience. That is the fallacy of, "strategic voting").

In the Democratic Echo Chamber, Inconvenient Truths Are Recast as Putin Plots

I will be posting soon about the possibility of war.
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