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Vindication for Press Freedom as Charges Dropped Against Journalist Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman is a progressive American treasure.  Her radio news hour, Democracy Now!, has been very influential on the left, and on issues relevant to all sides.  The show, which I respect but find boring, is syndicated by Pacifica Radio, to community radio stations, etc.  Pacifica is interesting to read about, but it is not as strong as it once was.

Amy Goodman was charged with trespassing during a protest at the Dakota Access Pipeline, and arrived to fight the charge, which was dropped, because it was false.  Instead, they charged her with rioting.  By covering the news, she was supposedly rioting.  The pipeline people felt that her editorial slant was too much in the favour of the protestors, and so, in today's world, this is called, "inciting rioting."  Today, the Judge got wise, and dropped the charges!  But don't you try this at home cuz you too will be slapped silly!  You can read about this issue, and a lot more about Dakota Access, vs Native Americans, and the environment, at COMMON DREAMS.
Tags: all * law and rights, dakota access pipeline / nodapl, freedom of the press, goodman - amy, native americans, protests / protesters

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