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Leaked UFO emails rain from the heavens!

As you may know, emails released from Wikileaks on JOHN PODESTA are big in the news, with lots of incriminating info on Clinton and the DNV Dems.  A few of them, though, are about Unidentified Flying Objects.  Do you believe that UFO's exist - well they certainly do - 100%.  Any flying, floating or falling object which cannot be identified, IS a UFO.  There are countless UFO's, because we can't identify everything.  Simple enough.  The question is, is it possible that some of these UFO's convey extraterrestrials or time-travellers?  The answer is, yes, of course it is.  The universe is as vast as our minds are small.

So, the REAL question is, DO some of these UFO's actually convey the aforementioned?  We don't know yet.  But maybe some people do.  Since I see the possibility of extraterrestrial or time-travelling UFO's not to be small, then, if they do exist here on Earth, then it is highly probably that 'our' Military and Intelligence are aware of them, if not in some kind of communication, or conflict, with them.  Therefore, investigating what these agencies may know is NOT a foolish pursuit.  My feeling is that they do have awareness of such visitors.  And, there is evidence that some awareness goes back to WWII, and even centuries or millennia.

Do you believe that ghosts exist? I know some of you do. Do you believe in a God or an afterlife? How about synchronicity, or luck, or ego?  None of these things are proved.  They are, "conspiracy theories."  It is important to accept your inner tin-foil hat, before you can have compassion or comprehension for what others may be claiming.  In fact, compared to some things, theories of UFO "aliens" may have a lot more real-world evidence to back them up.  It's just that so many people automatically tune-out.  Again: The universe is so vast, and so rife with life, that it is inevitable that there are many, many intelligent beings out there - (just as there are many intelligent animals and insects here on Earth)!

I have pondered cattle mutilations; cat mutilations; alien abductions including implants; crop circles, etc.  I know that something intelligent is communicating to us, at least through the genius of crop-circles.  I don't know if it is extraterrestrial, or from another time or dimension.  However, I can imagine, that like ghosts or dream images, these symbols are passing into our sphere, conveying some significance, as avatars of some other consciousness, from some other place or dimension.  Maybe the sun.  Maybe something else.  Maybe they are completely coincidental - as if a thought in some mind somewhere across the universe hits a certain frequency which turns it into a concrete apparition here on Earth - a dream - a ghost.

Maybe these emergent, fleeting ghosts, are suggestions from the "alter-dimensionals", which blur into our own mass-subconsciousness, and all else.  Maybe there is no final accounting for them.  Maybe they slice up cattle because they are showing us, "This is what your genetic engineering will do to creation in the future!"  Maybe they send us dreams of being abducted, with implants being inserted, to say, "This is your own future in a Brave New World."  Maybe they cut crop circles into feilds of wheat, etc., because they want to reveal to us, "Your GMO monoculturing will one day destroy all your grain fields, and there will be famine and death - unless you: WAKE UP!"

Unless WE wake up!

The universe is all of the same "mind".  It is just that it separates out into an infinity of separate entities, operating in their own separate time-lines.  (And, the reverse is true: We all create "the mind").  In order to give all these entities reality, the Origami Universe folds together meanings - it brings together bizarre coincidences and apparently super-normal experiences, catering to each biased existence - each narcissistic ego.  Everywhere, this happens.  Occasionally, there is a merging of meanings, or supernatural events, so that, yes, we actually can dimly perceive ghosts from alternate universes or times or planets.  This is how dreams work in our minds, and this is how reality works in the universe, which, when mapped out, looks like a mass of brain tissue, btw.

The theory of alternate world-lines and dimensions follows from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, wherein, mathematically, all possibilities exist in some kind of reality - a "superstate" - until one of them is observed and therefore chosen and collapsed into the only reality.  The only reality for this particular observer, and time.  But, in theory, all other dimensions "continue" to be real.  Therefore, it is theoretically possible for someone to experience bleed-through or worm-holes from other dimensions: ghosts of some other time and place.  This is all based on math - but quantum entanglement is a related phenomenon which is sufficiently REAL.  That means that, yes, we may be visitted by beings, in UFO's, from other dimensions.  Controlled, deliberate bleed-through, on their part.

In the Podesta UFO emails, visitting UFO's are said to be from such alternate dimension(s), rather from another place in THIS universe.  Well, I look at this suspiciously, because the email(s) could have been concocted as a mimicking of math-based theory alone, which is nevertheless hot in the world of Sci-Fi.  It is not impossible that the emails were leaked by Russians, and that the Russians manufactured a few of the emails, as they are capable of doing.  On the other hand, this whole sudden canard from the Clinton campaign, which saturates NPR, over whether any of the emails are authentic, is complete political evasion and diversion.  Wikileaks is known to be an honourable organisation which has only released authentic emails in the past.  The possibility that some of them are now inauthentic is more likely to be a Hillary talking point.  That means: I am saying that the Podesta claims about UFO's from alternate dimension(s) MAY be correct.

Before I release to you all this stuff about the UFO emails, here is an article questioning the ability of extraterrestrials to come here, or even just contact us, based on the conclusion that they probably destroyed themselves before they ever got around to it - just as we humans would do(!)  That is a thought I have had in the past.

But, again, this thought ignores the vastness of the universe, and the whole variety of possibilities which would allow for the ability of creatures to become interstellar.  Certainly, many have the ability to contact us, at least.  The Podesta UFO's are not necessarily such beings, from some other planets, but are (?) from alternate dimension(s).  Like ghosts.  Or dreams.

Aliens haven’t made contact because they killed themselves before they could – like we will, says stargazing TV professor Brian Cox

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WikiLeaks: Podesta UFO Email

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The Blackvault: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Documents on Unidentified Submerged Objects or USOs - and more

The FBI admits visits of “beings from other dimensions” – Declassified FBI document

Documents from fbi.gov website - confirmed


VIDEO: LEAKED! Vatican UFO WIKILEAKS SHOCKER!! Hillary Clinton Email Proves Alien Visitation IS REAL!? 2016

VIDEO: HOLD ON!  Russia Threatens Planet X Nibiru Disclosure!? UFO Explodes Over Nevada!

VIDEO: Specific references to Extraterrestrial Intelligences in Wikileaks release of Podesta’s emails

Strange little photograph: NASA Photo Shows UFO Flying out of Moon Crater

[NOTE] - There is a WHOLE BUNCH of conjective stuff about UFO's out there, so I could go on and on, and make it the subject of my entire journal, but no. I'll do more UFO posts in the future. Unfortunately, not a lot of my past UFO posts are tagged, but, maybe some are.

The thing to remember is that none of this should be accepted as fact, or hard proof, of anything. It is just more additions to the endlessly biggening picture. Our never-ending sto-ry. It is all food for thought; or, at the very least, the stuff of dreams.
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