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Be careful what you say around jumping spiders

Arachnids hear airborne sounds over greater distances than thought

[NOTE] - This gives me a chance to say say something about jumping spiders, which I learnt long ago: Jumping Spiders, even the tiniest of them, have the most incredible SIGHT abilities.  So small, and yet so attuned to your every move, from far away.  Well, just look at those adorable eyes in the portrait above.  The two eyes on the left have, of course, 3D vision, as do the two on the left - and the two in the middle - and the two at the edges - it's all a super-computing processor of MULTI-FACTORAL! depth and subtlety.  No wonder, the fine, fine artistry of spider's webs, and so on!  Yet we cast a rancorous eye down upon these poppy-seed brained beings, not even realising that a massive oak tree may grow from but a small seed.  We ourselves are nothing but a confuzzlement of a couple of microscopic cells.  BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY, around spiders - (but especially around baboons, and Ferrets).  They are the Masters of Metadata!
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