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(By, "our," I mean, "Big Corporate America's," by which I mean, "the global elite's," by which I mean, "the top 1%").

Did Google skew search results to favour Clinton? Find this story, and too many more for me to post about, via the first link below...

Breaking: FBI in Revolt – Top FBI Official Exposes Massive Corruption Which Let Clinton’s Crimes Slide

FBI Source: Majority Of Staff On Clinton Case Wanted Her Prosecuted

U.S. Intelligence Meddles In US Presidential Election: Backs Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks: Podesta Asks Clinton's Lawyer, 'Think We Should Hold Emails To and From (Obama)?'

Gohmert Makes FBI Director James Comey Admit He Faked Hillary Clinton Investigation

Hillary Clinton 'cannot recall' email server details

Wikileaks: The Goldman Sachs paid speeches

FBI director received millions from Clinton Foundation, his brother’s law firm does Clinton’s taxes

Think Hillary Will Flip Flop and Support TPP? So Does Her Speech Writer — Leaked Email

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