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Sell, sell, sell that Vaccinette!

"Oh, you silly, no-nothing, reactionary LJ conspiracy theorist," I recall an LJ friend claiming, "Thimerosal is an 'inert' form of mercury! I know 100% that it goes right through the body, without harming anything at all!" Just like Round-Up, (glyphosate), was said to go right through the soil and water without harming anything. Just like Exxon said there was no harm in oil consumption, because global warming does not exist, even though they knew that it does, long before most anyone else. Just like Hillary Clinton says she will oppose TPP, when in private she has always supported it. Learn to SEE THE LIES. Do not follow blindly into their good night.

Vaccine ingredient warning: Aluminum phosphate increases toxicity of mercury, therefore the CDC severely underestimates caution about mercury intolerance

Living in a post Roe-vs-Wade world? - Your body is no longer yours: Australia has become the first country to microchip its citizens

Ecuador offered shelter to Assange. A true Catholic country with meek people. But Saudi Arabia??? - The empathy map of the world: US ranks seventh while Ecuador and Saudi Arabia top the table in results even the researchers admit are 'surprising'

Scientists are confused! Countries which rank high on empathy also tend to be more war-faring. But you can understand this easilly, if you read my recent post, "This and That", where existential envy is directly related to empathy, (as well as to territoriality under stress).
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