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tiny theme post: "This and That"

Somewhere in my tags is/are reference(s) to something called, "existential envy".  This is a desire to actually BE another person.  What it comes down to, PHYSICALLY, is that one person wants to be in the same PLACE as the other person, and so own everything that the other person owns, etc.  In the past, I have asserted that no two clones are the same - the same person - because they eminated from different PLACES in the universe.  PLACE is where it's at - it is what it's all about.  If you are there, and I am here, then your sense of TIME, is a different thing than my sense of TIME.  With existential envy, one person (or whatever) get's it in their head that they envy another person so much, that they have to BE that person.  So, since they cannot BE that person, then the only alternatives are to imitate that person, (fashion), or try to steal away all the people in that person's life, (something I have experienced from siblings), try to own the things the other person owns, or even to kill the person in some deluded fantasy of conquering them - substituting them.  This is where the whole idea of DOMINATION and CONTROL comes from.  It is very stupid, but it is very, very deep.

Existential envy has been in our genes since before we even had genes.  It exists in molecules and viruses.  Just as empathy does.  (Emotion is all throughout the universe, existing as a carrier wave for more logical information and communication.  It's all about the nature of TIME, baby).  Therefore, when we ratchet down our brains into limbic emotion, and then into the, "reptilian," brain, then we come up with manifestations of existential envy.  The more stressed we are, (under the perceived demands of a linear time), the more we want to TAKE, or dominate, or assert our territoriality.  In stressed neighbourhoods, or war-zones, or jungles, it is all about TERRITORY.  People are moved, by some invisible finger, to TAKE the territory of others, lest they use that advantage against you, in time, cutting in front of you.  Shooting you with missiles closer to you, so they get to you faster - before your missiles can get to them.  Existential envy is, basically, all about survival in the world of time and space.

Existential envy is SO DEEP in you and me, so sub-under-conscious and sinewy, in every cell of our being, that we get trapped in in and don't even know what is happening - especially in times of stress.  A weird thing happens, sometimes, when you wait and wait and wait to get on a national talk show...  Suddenly, the host, "Bert," call your name: "OK, hello, YOUR-NAME-HERE, what do you have to say?"

Stupidly, in the blink of an eye, you do not call "Bert" by his name, but you say, "Oh, hello, YOUR-NAME-HERE..."  Get it, you call the host YOUR OWN NAME!  Embarrassed!

Why did that happen?  Because the boundaries between YOU and the envied and feared OTHER suddenly dissolved.  And the only way for you to survive and push ahead was to assume an attitude of dominance, through your paralyzing fear, by mistaking yourself for the host of the radio show.  That's why this weird mistake happens.  Existential envy.  The confusion between this, and that.  Dislocation in time and space.

A little sprinkling of DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER.

A major complaint of may people is the semantic mistake of using the word, "you're," with the word, "your," and vice versa.  I have contemplated this for many years.  The problem is that I make the same mistake, even though I am a master of the English language, and consciously know the diffy between the two words.  We tend to think that such a mistake is purely accidental - in the same (obverse) way that we brand all animal actions as, "instinct."  But there are deep reasons for some of the mistakes that we make.  And, there are deep, animal reasons why our society can never get itself to progress, as evidenced in this latest election cycle.  We get stuck, again and again, in dysfunction, where the ruler is animal fight-or-flight logic, and so forth.  My whole philosophy of transcendental existentialism is that we push ourselves beyond this perpetual self-degradation, even if it seems we should fail.  Fight global warming even though it is certain and we are doomed.  There is more to life than life alone.

Well, when someone mistakes, "you're," for, "your," usually it is the creeping in of this basic mistake of existential envy - boundary-issues first evidenced by atoms and bacteria.  We mistake YOU-ARE, or being, for, YOU-OWN, or what that being owns.  We are inclined to grab what that being owns, to therefore "be" what that being IS.  Yes, it is a stretch, but this is what is going on.

I relish looking into the deepest, deepest oddities, to find out what really is, simply, behind it all - behind things we normally do not even look at.  THAT is why people would call me a conspiracy theorist.  But you all know how important it is to me to value HYPOTHESES, and ranking contending hypotheses according to the PROBABILITY of each one's veracity - and yet no Truth is final.  The is the joy of AWE, which we were all born to ENJOY, dudes.  THINK!  You are human!  THINK!

How did these two words end up sounding so similar?  It is because we make the logical mistake of thinking that what a being IS, (capacity),  is equatable to what that being owns or controls, (power).  Mistaking the experience of BEING, (of the soul independent in another PLACE), for the temporal being of that consciousness in reality, with all its things and properties.  On top of this:

What I have been saying for decades, has been born out to be supported, by a recent study: All languages of the world have SIMILAR SOUNDS for similar concepts or things.  This is most certainly true for European languages, from which I derived this specific education.  My hypothesis was that certain sounds represented particular functions or physical logics, in our minds.  This goes back millions of years.  And this means that LANGUAGE is not so difficult as we pride ourselves in it's being.  THEREFORE, this means that we evolved language far earlier than we currently suppose.  Sure enough, the dates for assumed "emergence" of language keep getting pushed back earlier and earlier in human pre-history.

Language emerges as a sonic approximation of the logics and dynamics of physical reality - a reality which is ultimately spatial or three-dimentional. But, during stress, our minds collaps this hologram down into a narrow path of fight-vs-flight, black-vs-white, us-vs-them. And this collapse becomes grabby, territorial, exploitive. That's what stress turns people into. Animals. Psychopaths. Crazy bald-heads.

When you synthesise the many bigger pictures, you end up being right, even if nobody believes you.  Unfortunately, if you don't have fame, power or money, this knack will get you nothing but grief - except when you know that the power, capacity, and PLACE of your own souls is what you are alive for.  RESIST!

Well, I say that this similarity of sounds-for-things, in language, did not just evolve with the fact that we are all related homo sapiens, starting off with the same rudimentary symbology and sound-sense.  Look at the differences of musical scales between Western and Indian and Arabic, and other, musical systems.  No.  World languages share similar sounds-for-things because they share the same basic logics of language, which evolved from the EMOTIONAL LOGICS OF ANIMALS.  These emotional logics, expressed in the many vocal animal languages, in turn, evolved from very, very basic understandings of smaller, simpler beings, of the meanings of certain sounds and codes of sounds.  Of molecules and meaning.

Our brains are largely AUDITORY processors.  We make subconscious judgments based on the sounds of things.  There is a deep, deep sound-sense that rules our animal universe, and we are all subservient to it, unless we know enough to rise above it when we have to.

Well, what does this have to do with existential envy?  Well, through sound and language - and media propaganda - we can manipulate what others think to be "The Truth," and so, themselves.  We can manipulate that existential envy, and focus it on certain horrid candidates, such that we think we deserve to claim and own all that candidate owns, because we are right, and they are not.  MEANING is built up from basic logics and mechanisms of sound and sense.  Meaning SHOULD be real, but in human society, it can be stretched for miles and miles, until it is manipulated into something terrific for some groups, and even for the species.

Existential envy, which is closely related to EMPATHY, can be perverted into something deadly - like the NAZIs were deadly - but - we never see it until we are all in the past - because it is so DEEP DEEP inside us - and so Democrats will be the last to admit that they are destroying freedom and wealth, and Republicans will be the last to admit that they are immoral.

This and that.  We don't know what it is.  We aggregate and aggravate over these petty, tedious wranglings.  We assume ourselves somehow SYMBIOTICALLY CONNECTED TO OUR CANDIDATES.  But these are abstractions we are being told to throw around.  these are manipulations of of basic, basic envies.  YOU CAN DO IT.  YOU CAN DIVORCE YOURSELVES FROM THE BULLCRAP OF THE POWERFUL.

You are not them, they are not you.

You are not voting against evils, against morals - you are voting FOR what you believe in.  Progress!  Get together and transcend this existential bias!

Note: The term, "existential envy," is not a term I myself created.  Therefore, you may research it on the webbernets.  However, most of the ideas above are my own additions to the term.  But because I do not have a Masters, etc., I will never be listened to, except POSSIBLY until 500 years AFTER the global Paradigm Shift.  Knowing that, I just say, "wtf", and write whatever.  We are all the same producer, anyway.

On the other hand, I am responsible for creating the term, "existential bias," to which many of these ideas are connected.
Tags: empathy - & war, existential bias, placement, psychology - dissociative disorder, psychology - empathy / compassion, psychology - existential envy, psychology - territoriality

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