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I am the person who will destroy China.

Long of tooth?

What's your heart's REAL age? Take this test to find out - and discover how long you can expect to live for

... Well, I'll tell you one thing... you'll live longer without all the confuzzlement which follows from dangling participles...

Are YOU losing the ageing lottery? Some of us are 'genetically destined to age faster and die younger' - no matter what you smoke, drink or eat

Don't put off your retirement... you'll only end up sick! Living longer does not guarantee people will be fit enough to work into old age

Want to stave off wrinkles? Here's how: Expert reveals the 10 everyday things that can make you look older than you are

How our brains fight to keep us young: Remarkable strategies our brains develop to combat ageing process

What It Takes to Reach 100

Humans May Not Be Able to Live Past 125

Have scientists actually found way to turn off ageing?

Are we one step closer to eternal youth? Scientists discover how to 'slow down or stop the ageing process'

Epigenetic clock predicts life expectancy

Forget DNA, experts say RNA could hold the key to 'eternal life pill'

Doctor believes he can prolong life, transfer consciousness with whole body transplant

Potent Anti-aging bacteria discovered at Easter Island’s Moai Statues

Note: I lost a few sources in the latest computer crash. Also, this all came from the fact that lots is being put out about aging right now, which I first noticed, I think, over at ScienceDaily, which is probably a place to which you might go if you want to do more research. See also tags. Also, I mentioned in a recent post that CRISPR technology might be used to restore telomeres, (etc.), although I'm not sure which post that was, Yosarian.
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