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I am the person who will destroy China.

The latest news from Russia.

My mind is open to (some) UFO's possibly conveying intelligent aliens or time-travellers - but not so far open that my brains are falling out.  I have spent a lot of time studying them, or the reports.  I look for correlations, because direct proof is pretty much impossible.  A solid correlation I have found is between threats or weapons of nuclear war, and UFO's arriving to show force or even to disarm missiles.  This is a large HYPOTHESIS, or a theory.  But, it looks pretty strong to me.  I have no vested interest in UFO's, either way.

There has been cat-and-mouse play between Russia and the USA, ever since the Obama or Putin 'presidencies' began.  This can easilly be documented.  Now, that cold-play is getting hotter.  One reason why, is that Hillary needs an enemy to divert attention from Wall Street, and also from her emails.  It makes political sense to blame Russia for Assange and Wikileaks.  In fact, there is circumstantial evidence that Russia is indeed comandeering some leaks in order to hurt Hillary.  (Putin prefers Trump).  That whole can of worms can be read about over at wiki_truth, (where new posts are overdue).

You may have heard in the news that Putin and Obama have been trading threats thinly disguising the possible use of nuclear weapons.  This is serious stuff - the kind of stuff that comes out of bad economic times, and ends up as real war.  Humans will try everything, and no one has yet tried global nuclear war.  Scores of billionaires have been moving to the Southern Hemisphere, for a few years now, based on rumours of impending nuclear conflagration.  This must NOT be discounted as being, "tin-foil hat conspiracy theories."  Denial is fuel for the pyre.  Well.  We humans, mainly sheep, are limitted in our ability to act responsibly, as individuals or en masse.  So, if there IS more intelligent life in the universe, then they would indeed be stepping in at times like these, when nuclear push comes to nuclear shove, yes?  This is not so fantastical as many would try to make it seem.  The universe is an infinite place, and is rife with life, from molecule to star.  To think otherwise is primat-ive and selfish.  Even Stephen Hawking warns that we must be careful of extraterrestrials.  So...

Along come the UFO's!

RT: NASA cuts live feed from ISS after ‘UFO’ spotted (VIDEO) (This has happened countless times, including black-out of structures on Mars and the Moon).

RT: ‘Huge glowing’ UFO filmed above Moscow homes (VIDEO) (This came right after Putin's most serious verbal retaliation). Also at Daily Mail: Mysterious 'UFO' filmed hovering over block of flats in Moscow as locals claim 'it's not the first sighting' Of course, these could be terrestrial phenomenon, especially what with the Earth's core and magnetic fields going bonkers. So, this must be taken as an extension of a RUNNING HYPOTHESIS.

But, what is solidly REAL is the preparation for war, from building bunkers for the rich, to setting up nuclear missiles. I have countless examples of this, but not for this quickie theme post. Here just a little, the latest: Russia suspends nuclear cooperation with US, says Washington violated agreement

And this: Russia transfers nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad

Another way of discerning how there is an edging towards possible nuclear war is simply to go back and look at what is going on politically, and figure out how such might benefit or harm such political actors as Clinton, as well as how it might benefit certain corporations, and campaign donors.  And, what is happening in Syria, with Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iran?  How would actors in these countries benefit or lose from a WWIII?  How about China?  And, have we not been treating Russia like crap since Georgia?  There is a concerted effort to make Russia an enemy - it's in the dockets!

A wide-scale war has a good chance of occurring - and so the USA and Russia will naturally crystalise along such a possibility, as if moved by an unseen force.  Now, there is talk that this probably-coming war will include nuclear weapons.  (Of course it would, because we've warred every other which-way).  THAT makes it more likely that some UFO's in the sky may indeed convey aliens.  As far as them saving us from ourselves, I think they might be more likely to bestow on us a quick end, a la Mars, yars.

Conveniently, we have creepy clowns to save us!  And more foolish fodder from Bill Clinton I mean Donald Trump. Oh.... READ / more / here.
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