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cheers - smiling flower

Animals to the rescue - Part One.

Posted on 2016.10.08 at 12:02
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The magpie that saved a family

Sam Bloom fell into a deep depression after a fall from a roof terrace during a family holiday left her paralysed from the chest down. But help was to come from an unexpected source - a magpie chick which had fallen from its nest. When the family took in the bird, it brought joy back to their home and allowed Sam to make a new start.  (READ MORE via link above)

Wikipedia: Australian magpie

Here's another delivery, Down Under, through the magics of a monkey, which you might have already listened to. So, I am sending you my tag on "monkeys", by which you may or may not search out this other story (again) which is in the first post, (under link, "Millionaire Hot Seat, Monkey, Assassin"). GET YOUR MONKEYS HERE.  Or, you can just read about monkeys. Monkeys are distantly related to birds.

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