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Foreign Invaders.

Here's a little quickie vaccine update, mostly from the sometimes-nuts NaturalNews. Note that just because one questions vaccines does not mean that he or she is rabidly anti-all vaccines. Rather, it is those who are so pro-any-vaccine that they feel free to use force, who are rabid - and remember: The rabbid died. One would think that 100% of women, of these three types, would thoroughly understand this:

  1. Fundamentalist & tin-foil hat women.

  2. Liberal ROE-VERSUS-WADE women, and

  3. Mothers

Because, y'all, anybody's BODY should trump uncertainties over aluminum, mercury, GMO, accelerants, adjuvants, unintended viruses, a broadly revved-up immune reaction, autism, etc. Since when was injecting foreign chemicals directly into the bloodstream a certified 100% safe NATURAL thing to do? There is now a dogged effort to make some vaccines MANDATORY, while, at the same time, Bayer buys Monsanto, and we're all off to the races, as Stephen Hawking squirms to warn...

Did Stephen Hawking just admit that certain vaccines are a threat to mankind?

Aluminum and vaccines: What the research reveals

Vaccines containing aluminum shown to cause neurological damage

Even doctors are scared, advising against new 'needleless' flu vaccine

Autism symptoms detected in vaccinated baby monkeys

White House admits staging fake vaccination operation to gather DNA from the public

All women: Why I support... Jill Stein. | See:  health - vaccines
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