"a killing field for hypotheses" (madman101) wrote,
"a killing field for hypotheses"

Invasion of the body-snatchers!

Tags: clinton - hillary clinton - and see pres, economics - thatcherism, idiocracy, millennials / millennial generation, politics - democracy "idk", politics - dysfunctional / -ism, politics - lies / lying / liars, politics - neo-cons / neoliberalism, politics - rants, politics - thatcherism, presidents - reagan ronald reagan, sanders - bernie sanders, snatcherism - see margaret, thatcher - margaret, zombie studies, zombienomics, zombies - corporate media zombies

  • RIGGED: 2016

    This is part two of the election series, working it's way to 2024. WHAT ELSE WAS HAPPENING IN 2016? RIGGED 2016 (Clusters that head with…


    I knew something was up when I learnt that biologists and naturalists / naturopaths were dying off, suspiciously. More than coincidence - these…

  • Our topic for this morning...

    Bernie Sanders is being mocked online for selling $100 tickets to his anti-capitalist speeches, (via Ticketmaster), as well he should be mocked.…

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