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MiNdFuLnEsS - 2

(Part 1 HERE).

It's time to accept that we will die at the hands of our smartphones

CellPhone Zombies have yet another thing to virtually worry about: exploding handsets! But this article does not even mention:

1 - Sinkholes
2 - Trains, Planes and Automobiles
3 - Death by Social Media Embarrassment (DSME)
4 - Pokemon-like attacks from flash mobs
5 - Targetted drones - from Big Brother or Amazon

If you don't think the last one is possible, you just haven't been in the future yet. MiNdFuLnEsS is only half-way, if it is not SciFi MiNdFuLnEsS.  -  WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!

Look out! - Has Big Brother taken over YOUR printer?

MiNdFuL.nEsS - sometimes AKA - "tin-foil hat, intelligence, schizophrenia, being high, zen, buzzed, sensitive, autistic, sexy, warm glow, a little night music..."

" I am a big proponent of mindfulness. This is a way of learning more discrete info about life, nature, reality. Then, when you become a master of it, people take it personally and attack you."
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