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A history of Violence - Part One

Mind-boggling discovery: A 300,000-thousand-year-old skull with a BULLET hole?

A recreation of the Broken Hill skull from the Museum in Livingstone, Zambia, with the ‘bullet hole’ clearly visible on he left. Image credit.
The mind-boggling discovery was made nearly one hundred years ago when a miner found a 300,000-thousand-year-old skull with a perfectly round hole on one side. After numerous studies, experts concluded that the unlucky victim must have been impacted by ‘something’ with far greater velocity than a spear, prompting numerous questions as to what kind of technology could have created such damage hundreds of thousands of years ago.

He should have worn a tin foil hat!

First of all, I don't know how the font got larger in the middle of the paragraph above.  I personally did not enlarge it, as if to convey that the humanoid really was hit by a bullet.  OK.

I am keeping this specific topic apart from the rest of the series, because it is extremely improbable that this injury was caused by a human or alien bullet.  It could have been a pebble exploded from a volcano, or whatever.  But, this site is enjoyable and worth you checking out further.  It is refreshing how it mixes actual factual stories with completely absurd stories or ideas.  (I'm in it for the facts - and the thinking - ma'am).  That is especially true of the Ananaki(sp?), who are somehow documented to have visitted Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, to mine gold.  I have always eschewed this theory, and spit it out.*

[The article is confused as to the species of the skull.  It looks Neandertal, but from 300,000 years ago.  Neandertals and Sapiens were the same thing until 200,000 years ago, (when, apparently, there occurred what I am calling, "the Great Diversification).  (But, then the article puts the date between 250,000-200,000 years go!)  And, the skull was found near Kabwe, in Zimbabwe, Africa. Sorry, but this was not a normal haunt of Neandertal. Then, the article says, "At first, it was thought to have belonged to Homo Rhodesiensis, but today anthropologists believe it belonged to Homo erectus." That would mean it is not Neandertal(!) I have seen skulls like this, which are considered H.Erectus, but with Neandertal-like features, which gave rise to both Neandertal and Sapiens. H.Erectus was highly variable. (Our labels are somewhat artificial, because evolution is more SPATIAL than temporal). I just had to clear this up because it bothered me].

The reason I am starting off the series with this post, is more for the imagination: What would it have been like if primate humanoids were running around at that time, even before, "The Great Diversification," carrying guns and involved in gang wars? Or Cowboys-and-Indians? Or Mad Max, circa 300,000 bc?

Imagine if someone from our millennium time travelled back to that time, bringing guns, determined to change the course of human evolution. Or - maybe it was aliens! It would have been like the sudden arrival of the metallic monolith in, "2001: A Space Odyssey". Gangs and tribes of hominids would have taken over the land, shooting and sniping, running-and-a-gunning, fighting for territory, or food, or drugs. God knows, if they had the guns, they would have used them. Because a recent study has declared that humans are genetically predisposed to be violent.

Maybe this guy was an ancient version of JFK - a peace-maker. But what became of the automobile? Or, maybe he was a genius who hated being stuck in a world full of fucking monkeys, so he shot himself?

Anyway, I am open to the idea that there have been ancient civilisations 20,000-10,000 years ago, who had technology more advanced than we know. And, maybe other societies, earlier, as well. And I do believe that prehistoric man, like animals, was more intelligent and adept than we presently believe. But the idea that some folks were carrying guns 300,000 years ago? I do have a we bit of a problem with that, yars.

* - (Oh - I am also highly skeptical of the Egyptian colony in the Grand Canyon, [see other article], although I do believe that extra-continentals could have visitted that area of Lake Bonaville, and even have settled there, and traded.  It was, at the time, prime real estate, if you don't mind Saber-toothed Tigers).
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