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The Flowertown Massacre

Yesterday, (Friday), while I was out front with the dog, a giant bumble bee stumbled around, low in the grass.  Something was killing it.  And, this was a sign to me, because everything is connected.  Because, today, came this news story: A bumble bee species is recommended to go onto the Endangered Species list. -

Wake Up Call — Bumble Bee Just Proposed for U.S. Endangered Species Status

As you know, humble honey bees, and others, have also been in decline - in fact, a collapse. You know of, "colony collapse disorder." The bees become intoxicated and disoriented, and cannot find their way back to their hive, so they suffer, starve, and/or dehydrate, and die. This species collapse is concurrent with a tragic illness hitting bats, showing a white mold on their noses, causing a comparable disorientation.

‘Have we lost our mind,’ one beekeeper wrote, ‘spraying poison from the sky?’ Photograph: Gemunu Amarasinghe/AP

If all the actors in Hollywood started dying, there would be a big to-do, yes? If all the politicians started dying in WDC, you can bet there would be action. But, what about all the bees? What about the bats? Bees are essential to the successful growth of a huge proportion of our our food. Bats are efficient "insecticides" - and could even be used to fight Zika. They also provide deeply rich fertilizer. And what about the butterflies? Or the Star-fish? Or the Sea Turtles? Or the Great Apes?

Everything is connected, but we ignore these traumas to our living planet, while at the same time, the plight of all black people is fomenting insurrection in this country, when economic depression, militarised cops trained on violent video games, and arrogance on all sides are overlooked. I have been reporting police abuse against the disabled, the elderly, children, the poor AND minorities, before the racial issue went viral. But the latest guy was disabled. And the guy who killed him was black.

And many more are falling to the rise of arrogance - but society diligently frames everything in black-versus-white - not even poor-versus-elites. Thus, we fall into their trap of groups fighting against groups, some funded by, e.g., GEORGE SOROS, servicing the continuing power of the divide-and-conquer elites...

Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs.

In my neighbourhood, blacks are again coming out of the blue and accosting me. And just my saying this becomes an excuse for zombie people to accuse me of ignoring the difficulties of blacks, and so I am racist. Because I identify the falling bees, am I then an anti-human?

Everything is connected, and the main problem today is the hubris - the arrogance - which believes itself always right and righteous, by the very act of ignoring everything in the big picture, except one artificial side or the other. Meanwhile, the whole planet is experiencing it fastest mass extinction event. Meanwhile, bankers are being suicided - molecular biologists are being suicided - naturopaths are being suicided - and swept under the rug, and everyone calls themselves smart because they can loudly pronounce the term, "conspiracy theories!"

Meanwhile, lies and threats and crimes are being committed by political campaigns and politicians, and 66.6% of society are willingly blind to this, as long as they can brandish their candidate as being RIGHT. Billions - trillions - are wasted on politics and associated garbage - and all it ends up being is TALK. The REAL words are left to Wikileaks and Snowden to uncover, and we call them the traitors. We are in a world of mass denial. It is we who are going extinct, first by lies, then by lives. We are like lost bees, alienated from our hive. I have seen the Hunger Games and it is now.

You can read my past posts on bees and other extinctions, via tags above, and communities, w_a_r_m_i_n_g and  brds_and_fishes.

There are probably a number of factors harming bee health. In earlier posts, I explored the idea that cellphone tower signals were disorienting them. No doubt, they do this - especially along with now-higher gig signals, which are microwaves, which are slow-cooking us all. Even a change in the sun, a planetary wobble, a shift in the magnetic pole, cloud cover, etc., can be factors.

Today, (Sat.), I was out again with my dog, and, this time, I saw two dying bumble bees. Like yesterday, they were giant, roundish, "yellow-jackets" - not wasp-like in any way. But their jackets were not a bright yellow - they were a faded, grey yellow. One bee was stumbling on the ground. I let it walk onto the tip of my finger, and lifted it up to a place where I had poured a little juice for a little waspy/bee. By then, two other waspy/bees had arrived as well.

The other bumble bee was lying on one of my front steps, exhausted. I tried to pick it up with a dust-pan, and it slowly flew up and into a nearby hosta flower. That's the spirit.


But, I am seeing this - they are having a hard time right now. I pondered recent environmental conditions, and noted that there had been some rain. The rain might have brought down toxic metals, used in cloud-seeding - (yes, it is a real phenomenon). Or, it might have been pesticides. Pesticides are inherently toxic. But their effect is amplified when in combination with other pesticides or toxins - or viruses or fungi... In other words: Multi-factoral!

September, my favourite month, is the month for bees. On the Union Terrace, in Madison, they would be everywhere, climbing into people's soda cans, etc. (The bees in my yard have been sluggish and non-adventurous). But, maybe September won't be my favourite month for much longer. Climate change may force me to declare October to be my favourite month, as warmer conditions move northward, and later in the year. I noticed that planetary warming was changing my local environment decades ago - and people would just not HEAR me, because I was CRAZY. (More of the same DENIAL MANIA, even then).

And now: Caspian terns discovered nesting 1,000 miles farther to the north than ever recorded in Alaska

Almost everything is trying to move north, or to higher, cooler elevations.  Or they are seeking out new sources of water.  Or they are trying to escape new predators or invasive species...

  Bee-killing Asian Hornets have arrived in Britain: The foreign species is threatening the world's bee population.

Everything is connected. Because of the widely changing climate, the subtle interrelationships between and within all species are being frayed or changed. The balance of advantages is thrown off kilter. Here encroaches some new snail which upsets moss which upsets water quality which leads to algae overgrowth which drops the water oxygen, which strangles other species... Species like seals or fish become overheated, and lose weight, yet they have to work harder to fish for food which is now further and further off the coast, and so they lose more weight.

In social, cooperative species - which number far more than you might imagine - (and even in many parasitic/symbiotic relationships) - a more able individual will cover for those not faring so well. And, there is some culling. But, at some point, the whole colony becomes so strained, overall, that something comes along to trigger a sudden, immediate collapse. (In fact, the same phenomenon has been studied in the history of human civilisations, as in a recent study I will post about later). Before the whole colony looks too emaciated, or too warm, or too lost, what REALLY kills them is the gross, invisible, cumulative stress from MANY FACTORS, from MANY SPECIES: including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Sharing seriously compromised immune systems, all animals fall prey to some killer fungus, or such, and fall all at once.

That is why we see all these animals and people dropping to strange "new" diseases. Some pathogens are vectored by the introduction of new animals. Some are dug up from the past, by correlated environmental damage. Some evolve of their own "volition" because of the new conditions. And all of them feast upon other species due to the rising general stress of those species.

That is the general consequence of the warming, because all life is, after, a function of reality. (I posted about this point more in my posts about the collapsing star-fish). To continue to miss this point is a lot like trying to deny global warming because, e.g., there is still snow in the winter; or hurricanes have happened before, or there are such things as fluke rainfalls, etc. One has to wonder what is behind this kind of continuous denial, such as partisanship, fundamentalist Dominionism, or money from the oil industry - (see also Exxon Mobile). In our society, this denial of discrete interactions, interrelationship and MULTI-FACTORAL!, runs ever more rampant when the economy declines and most everyone still expects to get ahead by kicking and clawing up the ladder to STATUS QUO ESTABLISHMENT - the very cause of all the problems. The STATUS QUO is engrained in its cloaked devastations precisely because fluid money so easilly conspires upwards to gratify it.

But the Emperor has no clothes. Hopefully, we will learn this before we are dropping like bees en one holy masse.

Well, I hope I have made this point appropriately, because I have not even introduced to it 'one' of the most damaging factors, which incur stress, direct illness, AND which act as significant factors in tipping the balance, triggering the sudden massive collapse of colonies. ..

Imagine all the stress caused by new competing species, new pathogens, new environmental conditions, and dwindling food and water - NOW IMAGINE THROWING PESTICIDES ONTO THAT LIKE GASOLINE ONTO FIRE. I think you get the picture.

And, I will merely repeat: Pesticides are inherently toxic. But their effect is amplified when in combination with other pesticides or toxins - or viruses or fungi... In other words: Multi-factoral!


If you think bees are not under the pesticide gun, then what are pesticides doing in our honey?!

(A reposted link): After FDA found weedkiller in nearly 100% of honey products, it kept the information secret and refused to warn the public.

Bees falling in Colony Collapse disorder have exhibited a concurrence of assaults by fungus, mites, pesticides - and more, as mentioned above. It has been shown that glyphosate, (also found poisoning honey), has been doing serious harm to bees. Glyphosate is popularly known as, "Round-Up", weedkiller.

Earlier on, Round-Up was hailed by gardeners as a miracle cure, because it killed everything, and yet went straight through the ground, without causing humans in any way, and simply washed away down streams, without harming fish. ALL OF THESE WERE LIES. It has been proved that glyphosate does indeed biologically harm humans. And studies showing that it causes cancer have been profusely excoriated by vested interests and politicians.

Glyphosate was created by Monsanto, a derivative of post WWII NAZI techno-imperialism, which also was responsible for creating and selling such weapons of war as AGENT ORANGE. Now, Monsanto has learnt how to genetically engineer glyphosate into the shell of seeds, so that, when the plant grows, the pesticide is in every cell of its being - including the pollen. If the pollen is blown into the field of normal farmers and fertilisers their crops, then Monsanto can sue them for patent infringement or theft.

And, this disgusting elitist legalism is being made even more "normal" through the institutionalisation of illegal trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP. (For this topic, please see my post on Lauri Wallach and the TPP!)

There is only one mega-corporation more full of NAZI legacy than Monsanto, and that is Bayer, the company which is now BUYING MONSANTO, to create further gene-splicing, life-fucking monsters. Crispy critters!

Don't ya know, we need this monopoly over all crops, all species, all genes, because how else will we keep ahead of the SIXTH MASS EXTINCTION, WHICH WE CAUSED??

Exempla gratia: Corn syrup is in almost every processed thing you eat, right? What is so bad about corn syrup? First of all, it is fructose, not sucrose. Fructose is more damaging to health than sucrose, as if sucrose wasn't bad enough. For some reason, corn syrup contains higher levels of mercury, which clearly encourages autism. Most corn fields have been coated with pesticides, like neonicotinoids, organophosphates and glyphosate.

And, all corn fields, (except blue corn and popcorn), have been genetically modified! - by MONSANTO, (or Syngenta), facilitated by ADM, and the rest of Big Ag. (I hear the propaganda religiously, every morning on the Ag Show: pro-Monsanto, pro-TPP, anti-Humane-Society, anti-organic, etc.).

All those amber waves of corn - and wheat - intoxicated with the bt pesticide and GMO and so on and on... You don't think bees and butterflies are not dying from that pollen, especially when there is less and less land containing alternate flowers, like Butterfly Bush, Milkweed, Clover, Bee Balm, and PRAIRIE PLANTS?

And, if bees are dying from these - what about we - what is going to happen to us eventually? It doesn't take a NAZI rocket scientist to figure it out. (And these people want to force us to allow their vaccines, even after the success of abortion-rights legislation making the owner of one's body the determiner of one's body?)

So, for decades, it has been corporately denied that another type of pesticide, NEONICOTINOIDS, which mimic nicotine, has been injurious to bees. Well, what do ya know? Turns out to be the leading cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, and is being banned or regulated in Europe - (as are some GMOs). See here:

18-Year Study Links Neonicotinoids to Bee Colony Decline

To quote from an article above:

While there is still debate over neonicotinoid pesticides, the only one not recognizing their harm — is the industry that uses them.

In the 1980s, Bayer developed a potent new class of pesticide called neonicotinoids (neonics), which rapidly came to dominate industrial agriculture. In 2008, they represented 24 percent of the global market for insecticides, with Imidacloprid becoming the most widely used insecticide in the world.

Almost all U.S. corn and about one-third of U.S. soybean is treated with neonics. A “major advance” happened when agribusiness developed neonic-coated seeds, where every part of the growing plant becomes infused with the toxin, including pollen. - Wake Up Call...

The mass, monetised denial against accepting this reality, IN THIS COUNTRY, has been infuriating - along with all the other denials. I've been watching this country go down the moral and economic tubes for decades now. I have posted, and will post, more about these pesticides, as they affect humans, etc., in past and future posts. Here, they have been creeping along, sneaking along, at a fair, but perceptive pace...

And then...

... along comes the bee-killing spraying for ZIKA VIRUS, and all the genetic engineering involved, hitting like a global tornado. GMO mosquitoes, and ZIKA, and mistakes on Microcephaly, are subjects for deeper posts in the future.

But, what we do now is that is a tragedy in Flowertown - a massacre of bees - which is representative of our greater tragedy, the mass extinctions - the Global Colony Collapse Disorder...

Zika News: Like its been Nuked: Millions of Bees Dead After South Carolina Sprays for Zika Mosquitoes

South Carolina sprays for Zika, further decimates honeybee: Local beekeepers do not feel that they were given any advance notice

US beekeepers fear for livelihoods as anti-Zika toxin kills 2.5m bees

Spraying against Zika in Indonesia.
Spraying against Zika in Indonesia. ‘Aerial spraying is a symbolic gesture to show authorities are taking action.’ Photograph: Hotli Simanjuntak/EPA

Is it right to launch mass chemical warfare on Zika mosquitoes? - Patrick Barkham

Why not? We are at war with everything else. Even when we call ourselves good. Our UN outlaws guns in Africa, and so associated politicians and criminals and statesmen run guns into the hands of terrorist groups in those countries, to cause instability, ostensibly to install "democracy" - should the scheme be exposed. But really, its the same old game of the elites, playing the good side and playing the bad side, out to gain more power and profit for themselves, through the art of destabilization and destruction.

In this way, we strive to be masters of the universe. Good Cop signs off on Bad Cop spraying pesticides to fight Zika, only to damage a thousand other species. Here we spray, there we spray. Here we dump, there we dump. Bulldoze. Build. Genetically modify.

We goodly intend a surgical little change here, only to blow up the neighbourhood. The cost of progress.

Habitually, we ignore the vast, discrete consequences, AS WE FOREVER DENY THAT EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED - to support the hubris of our own egos - thus to claim our personal rights to wealth or security - land - or Status-in-the-Quo.

Imagine this: Each little spray radiates out to cover an area a hundred times bigger than the target. Five miles away, something else is sprayed, with the same consequence. Each little molecule radiates to scorch a field a thousand times wider. Everywhere, the radiating consequences are interacting and destroying - and stressing the planet. Cumulatively.  Geometrically.

We are, biologically, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE.

"Oh, denial!"

The funny thing is:

- A fungus found on bees and on butterflies is effective in fighting the Zika virus!

- Bats are effective in consuming Zika-carrying mosquitoes.

- A combination of two more benign chemicals can also fight the Zika virus.  - (please search this online).

And the whole story of Zika, and related issues, is so vast, that it will be a while before I post about it - but it will reveal some major insanities.

So, that's the end of the bees, in this here post. Now, I'd like us to take a look at a few other animals, prominent in our news lately...


Against All Odds: The Reintroduction of the Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog:
Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog pushed to brink of extinction through introduction of non-native predatory fish and the amphibian chytrid fungus.

I think, by now, it goes without saying that we know that elephants are profound, intelligent and loving. Therefore, they are in a lot of trouble on our planet. Because, you know, magnificent creature = magnificent tusk power gives potency to human males. Here is the latest in the news, regarding their decline, largely due to poaching. (See my tags under "animals - elephants"):

Deep divisions over elephants to dominate key species meeting

There is yet another story in the news, about the tool-using ability of crows. If you find this, maybe you'd like to post it in the comments section. (There may be more in my tags).

And, we all know how amazingly intelligent Parrots, Lorakeets, etc., are, especially with language! Well, they need empathy for that - and I know they have it. For example, I once worked in a house office, where my boss lived. We worked in the basement, but could go upstairs. Up there, was a large Parrot. My irritating boss found it impossible to teach it anything. But, I would go up there and talk to it. I whistled to it. And I didn't force anything. One day, my boss was amazed to hear his parrot delightfully whistling, "Waltzing Matilda!" The parrot learned this from me because he knew I CARED. That's the way it is with everyone, right?!

How about pigeons? (You can hit my tags above). Vastly intelligent, and still one species was hunted out of existence. Now, there is another story on pigeon intelligence:

Bird brain? Pigeons have quite a way with words

Why should we be surprised? Why have we been so ignorant of it all? Only at this brief precipice of history, where we can luxuriate with awareness for but an instant before we collapse, do we come to glimmers of this intelligence throughout the animal world - and beyond. We learn that Chimps can talk. Remember that RadioLab, where the Bonobo formed human words, and was later killed when reintroduced into the wild? And - the other day - there was a story on how dogs understand us, through tone and meaning, "far more than we thought". I need to find some links on that one, too.

OK - What about horses? There are some smart ones. But they don't really communicate, right? Except on Mr. Ed, and The Horse-Whisperer? Think again:

Hay, I'm cold! Scientists discover horses can communicate with humans by pointing at signs

Indeed, a lot of people already know that horses elabourately communicate with each other using ear, eye, tail, body, and sound signals.

wild horses

Federal agency votes to slaughter 44,000 of the 67,000 wild horses in the U.S.
65% of the US wild horse population will be culled in order to open up more public land to cattle ranchers:

In a stunning and horrifying decision, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency of the US Dept. of the Interior, voted last Friday to slaughter over 65% of the wild horses left in the United States. There is currently an online petition to stop the slaughter. The decision was reached after a congressional hearing in June where beef industry representatives asserted that the wild horses were overpopulated and unhealthy. They maintained that the only way to solve this population crisis humanely was the slaughter of 44,000 horses currently corralled by the BLM and to surgically sterilize all remaining wild horses, effectively eliminating the entire country’s population of wild horses. The horses will not be slaughtered by the BLM but will instead be sold to middlemen who then sell them to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada where they will be sold for meat as is custom in the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program.

Ginger Kathrens, the only person not associated with the beef industry present at the congressional hearing, said that there is no overpopulation and that current population levels are below levels necessary for genetic viability, putting wild horses of disappearing for good. The National Academy of Sciences supported Kathrens in a press release that stated there is no evidence of overpopulation and the BLM’s current practice of removing wild horses from public lands is to blame for the high population growth rate.

The press release goes on to say that the BLM’s practices are unsustainable and incongruent with public expectations. However, the BLM is apparently much more interested in how they benefit from leasing public land to private ranchers and corporations than meeting public expectations.

You see, the same thing that drove the horses off the land, is what drove the Native Americans off their land, and the Bundy's off their land, and the blacks off their land - and the bees off their land...  Oh, la la, the birds and the bees.

The establishment Status Quo is so dug in, by big, corrupt corporate money, that it feels the need to believe that we MUST eat more beef, we MUST use more oil, we MUST rape the rain-forests... Manifest Destiny - for the fewer and fewer.  And, all of this dysfunction is carried out by the BANKS, and the POLITICIANS - the same politicians whom we know and love, despite them lying about the lies they lie about.  President Snow.  President Gas.  President Bushfire.  They are all in one business: build alters to technology with one slow hand, and tear down the planet with the faster hand.  It's a Royal Dutch Shell game.

That is the ultimate business of money.  Grab the advantage, further and further up, until this can only be done by inflicting greater and greater damage, and telling greater and greater lies.

But, it is population too, as a result of the cunning of our species.  The growing population, expecting more and more.  "So, let them eat the insects!"

Bernie Sanders stands with Native Americans; say oil pipeline will poison drinking water

WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders called on President Obama to take action against the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline during a protest outside the White House on Tuesday with members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other tribal nations...

Vermont author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, a key Sanders supporter who co-founded 350.org, skewered Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a Sept. 7 Los Angeles Times op-ed calling on her to take a stand on the pipeline. He suggested a connection between her reticence and support from the fossil fuel industry and banks.

“The people who’ve built Clinton’s campaign war chest and her personal fortune are the same people who paid for the dogs that bit young native Americans,” wrote McKibben, who was tapped by Sanders to serve on the Democratic Party’s platform drafting committee.

A Clinton spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

[Note]: That's right, where was Hillary Clinton on this? Jill Stein got herself arrested protesting this issue. Susan Serandon spoke out before it was national news. Donald Trump is an idiot for not grabbing this, being attached at the hip with the Status Quo GOP. And...

[Elizabeth] Warren wrote that the company will meet with officials in Washington “to understand their position and reiterate our commitment to bring the Dakota Access Pipeline into operation.”

Sanders interpreted Warren's memo -- which states "the right of way for the entire pipeline has been obtained" -- as a refusal to halt construction while a new review takes place.

My point is that the same old story keeps playing out, in acceleration. It is a broken record spinning out of control. While we, en masse, orient attention away from the interconnectedness of all things, which necessitates that one injury is an injury to all, and we miss a vast wealth of various, discrete, subtle - and psychic - information, our elites, representatives, leaders, fools, politicians, billionaires and banksters give back to us empty WORDS. They are experts in fudge. In fog. In smoke-and-mirrors. IN SPEAKING WITH FORKED TONGUES.

What was done to the Native Americans is being done to the blacks. What was done to the blacks is being done to the whites. The great protests coming from #OCCUPY, from Madison, from Tunisia, from BlackLives, from Bundy's - these are all reactions to the same global ramping-up of systematic theft and disrespect, and the same ratcheting-down of a diversified, small-business economy. But, the groups are fighting back separately, focused on their own targets and horizons and enemies. And, they are FIGHTING EACH OTHER.

AND - there is so much information showing that it is MEANT that we all destabilise, and fight against each other. THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT. A MOST IMPORTANT rule, for them, is the very rule we all deny, as some conspiracy theory. Our loss.

My friends, we know that many animals are intelligent, and empathic - sentient. I do believe very many are psychic. Unstressed, they settle down and share wisdom with those who will listen. Many species know to partake in a sharing of all the discrete information in Nature - like the free-wheeling whistle-blowers that they are - and they do not WANT to battle over it, to be stressed by it, to boil away like us, frogs in hot water.

Well, I am speaking, as well, of insects. Certainly bees. Think of them as sentient brothers. Now, imagine the absolute terror "we" are inflicting on them. It is horrifying. Yes, all things eventually die - so why do we retain law-and-order justice - just for ourselves? Because there are higher considerations.

A part of us is aware of the humanity of bees - of our connection to them.   Our plight is the same as their plight.  Their slaughter is our own.

To the extent that we deny their suffering, we also deny the suffering of all.   To the extent that we ignore this, in our petty human in-fighting, that is the extent to which we shall fall with them, following blindly - from our folly...

From the bitter fruit we so boldly called, "knowledge".

Every species has its own important role in maintaining nature's balance.

This is our Flowertown Massacre.    This is the SIXTH EXTINCTION.
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