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The Double Paradox, confounding itself.

Posted on 2016.09.25 at 00:09
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If  you look closely
                       you will not find a thing.
                                     Existence is an illusion;
                                       emptiness is real.
                                                                     Yet existence and emptiness

                                            -- Jos Stabbert.

This is bobby33's latest posting at daily_tao. More than other religions, Taoism gets the paradoxical nature of nature, of paradox. Many years ago, I came up with a concept which I have since found to run through allness - a silly concept which one friend disgarded as mere semantics. Well, who came up with the whole religion thing anyway, the people of the Word, of the Book - the Semantics, right? So...

My concept is called, "The Double Paradox." It can look at an entity within a universe, regarding them as entity A and entity B, (as an example).  (Or, it could be the example of existence vis-a-vis emptiness, as above).

A and B exist in relationship. Yet A does not exist. Only B exists. Yet B does not exist. Only A exists. In fact, neither one of them exist. If they are the same, then they are all, and all has nothing, no time, within which to exist, so neither exist.

As I've always said, if God is so great, then he contains - he can tolerate - his own non-existence. The only difference I have with the Taoist truth above is that it falls short of saying that neither exists, yet that both exist together - as one - and so none.

These things have been born out by quantum theory and experimentation.  It gets us to the paradox of entangled communication faster than light.  One day, it might be the basis of a new theory of physics.  A big toe.

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