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Snowden - The Movie

I wanted to go to some yard sales today, but people here shut them down by 2:pm on Saturdays, and don't hold them on Sundays.  That's really dumb because people like to shop after they recover from hangovers, too.  That's a large segment of the population, at least by weight.  I only found one that would work today, and left for it about 2:30pm.  It was nowhere to be seen.  That's another thing that happens in this town.  And it was for some Society for the Mentally Ill.  So, I just continued walking downtown, glad to be out of the crazy house.  I bought a bottle of Aussie wine, then went to the library.  I briefly got on a library computer, and checked the listing of movies playing at the downtown theatre.  I decided I would go and see the movie, "Snowden", (see my post below).  But first, I checked out three DVD movies form the library, all of which were impressive.  History, mainly.  And, one was Nicole Kidman, in, "Australia"!  Awesome.

I walked to the theatre, where they sold tickets at the inside concession place(!).  A very impressive place, showing great movies.  6 theatres inside.  Seats uncomfortable.  Luckilly, I was still wearing my "earplugs", because the sound could get pretty loud.  There were four old people sitting nearby, and then just me, and that's all.  The old people kept having to leave for the bathroom - which, btw, the bathrooms are great.

The movie was great.  I urge you to see it, maybe to get a feel for where my soul is coming from.  Snowden said that his main influences were: Joseph Campbell, Thoreau, and Ayn Rand.  Thoreau must have been some thing he only discovered "lately", because I can't see how such a staunch conservative could have revered Thoreau as such.  Plus, he had an early, playful spat with his liberal girlfriend, where he mocked her QUESTIONING the government - NO ONE who had read and loved Thoreau would ever have felt that way!  (Of course, this may have been poetic license).  Ayn Rand, yes.  Well, it was Thoreau who wrote the Essey on CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE, so germane to the theme.  Thoreau was THE major influence in my life, as it was to Ghandi, MLK, and others.  I just think it's great 6that, at some point, Snowden honoured my hero, Thoreau.  Ayn Rand - well, yes, I've been influence by that too, the Skeptical Inquirers, Reason, etc., even though I do fault LIBERTARIANISM for so many harms it is doing.  Honing on the difference between these two authors, when it comes to independence of spirit and will, etc., is really a maturing and wisening process.

So, yes - wonderful movie.  The female lead was an excellent actor/actress.  (There have been so many amazing female actors I have seen lately).  I have a movie post coming up.  I liked how the movie started quick.  I liked the intelligence and techno-facts, but which did not confuzzle my noggin.  I loved being taken back to when the Guardian broke the leaks and story, and the fight behind it all.  I remember doing what I could to be behind it.  I remember the BS politics - and B.S. Obama.  I loved how Oliver Stone threw in 2-3 snippets at the end, where Hillary Clinton was sniping at Snowden, who by now was being revealed as an honourable, noble, AMERICAN HERO.  Interestingly, he also included one snippet from TRUMP, who was idiotically suggesting that Snowden be beheaded, or something.  (Oliver Stone is the father of Roger Stone, a primary influence and spokesman for Trump).

The movie really explodes with great feeling, when Snowden finally breaks with the NSA, and downloads the files for the London Guardian.  This is what I paid for - and it made me cry.  And do you know what couldn't have been any better?  Near the very end, not Hillary, not Trump or Obama - BUT BERNIE SANDERS, added a quote about how important Snowden has been to history and our country.  (Needless to say, Sanders has sold out by necessity, since his life was threatened by the DNC, as I predicted, which makes me squirm).

Things appear to change, but they don't.  The so-called, "Freedom Act," and review of the FISA courts, and other Obama-era gratitudes are just platitudes.  What they tell us is not what is real.  That is what is not changing.  The moral.  The spirit.  The heartbeat.

No, we continue on with a Dick Cheney heart, because secrecy is victory, and the battle is EVERYWHERE.

Who and what will stand against this tyranny of the soul?  We have examples.   We are examples.

PS - For new and/or vicarious viewers: Please note that I CRY about these issues, because THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT.  You can READ MORE, about Snowden, Assange, Manning, and more, at my site, https://wiki-truth.livejournal.com/.  Remember that ontd_political DID NOT POST MY POST ABOUT THIS.  BREAK FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT FOR GOOD!  PLEASE LET US ALL START SOMETHING MORE!
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