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"What? I'm right!"- Part 1: Cat Dashery

I have had a grueling day, in addition to the crazy man downstairs stomping about as hard as he could, after any time I would do anything.  I managed to sneak in a little sleep a few hours ago, and am finally pulling out.  But, just like Hillary Clinton, he never gives up - which, I thought, IS THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY.  So, I have been unable to get around even to this simple post, not to mention the others that I have been planning.

I am beginning to despise how dumbed-down NPR's news and News programmes has become.  Announcing this evening's news: "Arizona becomes a swing-state this year..."  And hey switch to some female underlining this point: "I live in this state, and now it's like EVERYBODY IS TALKING ABOUT ARIZONA, and I'm like, oh wow!"  Um, yes, that is so newsworthy.  What do you bet we hear more from John McCain?

OK - so, let me see if I can bring my memory to reassemble the concept of this post...  I heard an hour NPR programme about how cats can be trained, etc.  It is actually possible to train cats, so long as the reward which you give them comes IMMEDIATELY AFTER their action which you are rewarding.*

* - [Cats have a narrowed range of attention, reduced to being subjects of what we call, "classical conditioning," being more reptilian than we.  Yes/no, black/white, moving/still, etc.  Predators have to have this hair-trigger reactance, but most animals are more reptilian than humans.  Some animals, like elephants and dolphins, are tempered by empathic neurons, and have more refined thought associations - since they are cooperative, associative animals.  Being more social, dogs are a little more human than cats - i.e., less like our reptilian side than cats.  It does no good to overtly try to punish cats.  But, dogs do tend to respect punishment, so long as they are not overwhelmed by their noses or stomachs or something speeding by, because their sociability is built on structures of authority, in contrast to their countervailing urges.  Dogs are a bit sloppy in this way, and sometimes require forceful punishment.  Primate people, who do not understand this, then jump in to score human social points by shouting that the owner is cruel.  This further riles the dog, and creates a spiral of chaos.  Finally, some dogs may often tend to paradoxically LOVE their punishment, seeing it as a sign of love, i.e., authority from the master.  I despise this dysfunction in dogs.  It would not be necessary if dogs had more self-awareness and self-control, and so a moral sense. 

Anyway, this paradoxical dysfunction in dogs, along with their wrongful associations of stimuli to response, along with the classical condition of all animals, which keep attentions in a narrow range of time and space - especially the more reptilian fight/flight razor's edge - these all keep pets and animals WHERE THEY ARE AT, in a status quo, unable to change or evolve, except by accident.  In our society, and in politics, there are similar mechanisms, even in the religions or beliefs or systems we choose and follow, which KEEP US IN OUR PLACE, unable to change, and even unable to evolve, except by accident - or by some "Hoffdink Step", phase shift, or chaotic paradigm shift.  Today, we are stuck in just such a logger-jam, with all points keeping all other points in place.  Some exterior crisis becomes all that can be hoped for to bring it all explosively crashing down river.  I guess the point of this present post is to describe the, "What?  I'm right!" phenomenon, which keeps people stuck in their own heads, in their own groups, and in their own decline. 

Today, it is apparent that the problem of EVERYONE THINKING THEY ARE RIGHT, or deserving of rewards to their smashed-ego-dreams, which is creating all the problems in our social world, including in the fields of economics.  Please try to remember these bracketted ideas for related posts which are upcoming, and also others in the past.  This has been a note to the avid researcher of madmanian ideas].**

**[[In a world, where we all get stuck into a crappy lattice, unable to move much at all, this way or that, while corporations siphon away our money, our jobs and our choice and speech - in comes the command of Big Brother, using Big Data, and predictive policing, and profiling, and megadata trend-spotting preemptive decision making for you, like, "Minority Report."  We have been narrowed and narrowed in our attention spans, like animals. 

Like cats, we do not see beyond our bubbles.  We just float along in angry egos because, "What?  I'm right!"  Therefore, it is Big Brother who steps in and does the HUMAN ASSOCIATIONS, AND PLANNING, AND EXECUTIVE FUNCTION that we once proclaimed as OUR own birthright.  And, like a table cloth from beneath our feet, the land will be pulled away.  And as Big Brother becomes more refined in His executive function, then the more and more Nature will contradict, and the more the species will crash.  The economy.  Our civilisation.  If you don't believe me, ask your dad.  I'm your flag.  I'm your flag]].***

***[[[One good reason that animals have a narrow bubble of deliberate attention, is because JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING HAPPENS AFTER SOMETHING ELSE, DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE CAUSALLY RELATED. But, in the animal world, mainly simple things happen, and so the SOONER something happens after something else, then the more likely that there is some causal relationship. Having a narrow focus filters out information outside of the ego bubble, seeing it as imposing, or wrong.

But, in a complex world, of cooperation and change, it helps to have a wider, bigger picture - NOT in order to believe that any damn thing causes any other damn thing, but to do discrete calculations, associations, looking for correlations, trends, multiple factors, and POTENTIALITIES. This helps imagining and planning. In an ENTROPIC world, we survive by planning choices that sidestep and go BEYOND entropy. That is our timeline. The problem with Big Brother making our decisions for us, is that it uses gross numbers, false causations, non-factored factors. So, it can often come to bad conclusions. That is worse for us than if we all, as a democratic, social computer, were to cast off the controls of parasitic corporations, and do our own refined calculations, using modern technology, such as an anarchic internet. ALWAYS, any Big Brother will be operated by some social group, an elite, which will benefit above and beyond all other. Then, they judge progress and justice according to the progress and justice they have chosen for themselves, the technocrats. Inevitably, Big Brother becomes a deliberate killing machine. I suggest you listen to a recent TED TALK, on, "Big Data." (Also). If you listen, be sure to listen to the whole thing... Also, see my tag, MULTIFACTORAL!]]]

[[[[It just occurred to me that Laurie Anderson's album, "Big Science," was country music - in the sense that it lamented the loss of a simpler life, a simpler place, prior moving to the big city, called, "Big Science." Tag= "Laurie Anderson"]]]].

In this NPR programme, about the training of cats, it was said that if a person tries to reward a cat too far outside of its attention range, separated too far away in time from the cat's action, (outside of the cat's bubble of deliberate consciousness), then the cat will not see the relevance of the reward.  Nothing will be accomplished, (although the person may so inadvertently be rewarding some wrong behaviour of the cat, OUTSIDE of the bubble).

If the cat doesn't track it, then it is irrelevant to the cat. And the cat is "right". If the cat DOES track it, then it feels like it understands. And the cat is "right". The cat is always right.

This is why you should never attempt to punish a cat. Nor be delivered unto evil.

And if a cat poops on your carpet, and gets away with it, then the cat is right. It never happened. It's animal logic. It is anti-progress. The way of psychos.

I have this neighbour living downstairs who is an aged baby-boom, and psychopath. Ever since he moved in, last winter, he has been in pathology of HAVING TO REACT TO EVERY NOISE I MAKE. So, he stomps around and stomps around, slamming his heals into his wooden floor, shaking the house. And he bangs and slams. He is also at war with my dog, an animal. He is, in fact, stressing my dog to be MORE of an animal, and less like a sentient human.

This is how societies get stuck in stagnant, petty anger, and war-making. People get pulled in by the animal psychopaths and closet bullies, with their baby-think, and their zero-sum traps, and their massive pre-emptive retaliations - for the voices in their heads - and all is turned into a tragedy of the commons - with everyone sinking down to the common denominator of fight-or-flight. The same thing happens in economics: the

Then, there are flights to safety or to promises, creating bubbles which are, alas, impermanent, only to again be collapsed into the regime of this mean-world tyranny, which is the basis of capitalism itself.

And I am now too beleaguered to finish this, so stay tuned for part two.
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