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The 15th Amendment: All people are born equal: black or white, X or Y chromosome, straight or gay -  or having a brain born transsexual - or other.

Birth Equality.

Equal Protection.

CORPORATIONs are not BORN.  They have no substance or individual mind.  They are CONCEPTS legally chartered by the citizens of separate STATES, as these United States have been chartered by the people, represented by the Founding Fathers, and those who fought English landlords and corporate profitteers.  This country was ESTABLISHED in opposition to the power of corporations.  To allow corporations equality of speech or rights, is to LIE, because MONEY is access to POWER, and to inherent dysequality, lording over others, including true people.  To grant any of these inalienable, BIRTH rights, to corporations is to institutionalise the rape and slavery of all true citizens. 

All of these issues and questions and fights over the power of black versus white, or female versus male, of religion versus religion, mainly follows from the TAKING of illicit power by corporations or governments and tyrants.  It is the playing off of group against group which these false gods use to divert anger and attention, and keep themselves in power.

To fall for this game of group-against-group, eye-for-an-eye, might-makes-right infighting, terrorism and war, is not only to legitimise this illicit TAKING by corporations, et al, but it is indeed to HAND OVER LIBERTY TO THEM BY CHOICE. 

In that, one denies his or her own human birth, and birth-right. 

In that, one hands over free will to the DICTATORSHIP OF MONEY, becoming, first, slaves, and, finally, fodder, and fertiliser.

Teach your children well.

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