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After having the balls to get herself arrested for aggressively protesting the building of an oil pipeline across Native American sacred lands (in violation of INTERNATIONAL LAW), Jill Stein next dares to call for the release of THE TRUTH on 9/11...

Jill Stein calls for new 9/11 investigation

Green Party candidate Jill Stein on Friday called for a new inquiry into the 9/11 terror attacks, saying that the commission that conducted the initial investigation was stonewalled by the Bush administration.

“Led by the families of those who died on 9/11, the American people wanted — and deserved — a comprehensive and independent inquiry into the attacks,” Stein said in a statement, according to MSNBC.

Oh boy, Jill Stein demands "Full Story of 9/11." pic.twitter.com/v8RVtvzPrd
— Alex Seitz-Wald (@aseitzwald) September 9, 2016

“The Bush Administration initially said an inquiry was unnecessary, claiming that the perpetrators had been identified and their methods and motives were clear.”

Stein described the 9/11 Commission report as containing many “omissions and distortions.”

“The 9/11 Commission was not given enough money, time, or access to relevant classified information,” Stein said. “The Stein/Baraka campaign believes a new inquiry is necessary.”

Today, RadioLab ran a repeat, focusing on 9/11. All the USA military violence which occurs today, all over the world, follows from a 60-word document, authorising war powers and abuses, which was crafted for Bush after the buildings came down. Conveniently, all of this subsequent USA violence has doled out: TRILLIONS of dollars to contractors, banks, and assorted criminals - many posing as, "the enemy". Where there is that kind of money going on, you can bet that the fabrications of false-flag events, like 9/11, or other "terrorist" of gun-freak killings, would be VERY SERIOUS POSSIBILITIES.

By now, after studying it for so many years, I have concluded that 9/11 was sponsored by the Saudi Royal Family, some CIA, and some Israelis. Certainly, as always, western central bank money was involved. It is impossible to keep ahead of all of the lies being downloaded into the dumbfounded public, from 9/11, to Iraq, to ISIS. But, I am pretty sure that 9/11 was a false flag concoction. There is no depth to the depravity of the operatives involved, and who continue to operate. As I have said before, psychopaths make their own religion(s), which serves to justify all their otherwise-sins. They all think that what they are doing is very good - and since they gain power by it, that means they are more divine than everyone else. Cannot lose at that game of self-delusion in conspiracy.

(You are living in the age of perpetual war. Parties, and groups, buy into the lies, and hand over their taxes to pay for it, reacting out of perpetual FEAR, parading as pride, and whatever).

OK - while I have personally come to this conclusion on 9/11, I have to say that ALL THAT MOST PEOPLE WANT IS THE TRUTH ON 9/11, SAUDI ARABIA, BUSH/CARLISLES, OSAMA-BIN-LADEN - ALL OF IT. MERELY WANTING THE TRUTH is what makes these millions of people, so-called, "TRUTHERS." That's all it means.

It does not mean that they believe there was a microwave satellite which zapped the buildings. It does not mean that they believe that there was NO PLANE which hit the Pentagon. It does not mean that they believe that, without Thermo-whatever, "JET FUEL CAN'T MELT STEEL BEAMS". Al of these speculations come AFTER the main point: These TRUTHERS just want the TRUTH. That's all.

They don't all have guns, wear tinfoil hats, hate blacks, or anything else. Many of them are progressive dweebs like me.

Therefore, along comes Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for president, calling for the release of information on 9/11 - which has been stymied for years. That's all she is asking for. So: She is also a 9/11 TRUTHER.

But, over at "ontd_political", there is a comment chain which remind me why I stopped watching that LJ community... First, they were complaining that it was incorrect to call Jill Stein a TRUTHER, since that would not match their prejudiced profile of what a TRUTHER supposedly is: a loser wingnut in a tinfoil hat, etc., etc., (see above).

Then, that was instantly turned into BLAMING Stein for supposedly always never going far enough on issues, (oh like when she got herself ARRESTED?). She was blamed for merely calling for THE TRUTH, but not daring to spout 9/11 "conspiracy theories", like a good "TRUTHER". This blame was generalised to her other affairs. So, as if out of nowhere, they found cause to malign her, insinuate, scoff - the commenters acting like they were academically wise and fair. Why would they do this? Probably - I am guessing - because they are all, like a herd, pro-Hillary over there.


I have been the target of attacks from people over there, e.g., re: Fukushima, etc. It is impossible to reason with them, or be allowed to speak your mind, because they keep coming, like bees, sneaking in to sting and then sneak out. After I had posted, in my own journal, a picture related to vaccines, one of my LJ friends began a passive aggressive game with me. I am thinking that she was one of the half dozen or more females who dropped me because I posted about Hillary's corruption, etc. Anyway, I argued with her, and here comes this swarm of bees, of the "ontd_political" stripe, just tearing into me, en masse, even claiming that my journal was full of misogyny or whatever - I forgot the actual words.

But these people are pathetic and nuts. It is their own closed-minded PC judgmentalism which keeps them in their own bubble of blame and unreality. This group close-mindedness is what sank #occupywallstreet, Bernie Sanders, and now, Jill Stein. I honestly do not understand it. It is an infatuation with status quo delusions.

Anyway. I will briefly mention that this time in history is a golden opportunity to shatter the vice of the two-party (spoiler) conspiracy. Sillies on the left are afraid not to vote for Hillary, lest Trump, the greatest evil on Earth, win. But, wait. If lots of GOP people are defecting from Trump, and over to Johnson, and even HILLARY - then she will win. So, stop this fear-based reactionary voting, and vote for what you believe in. On the other hand, the more liberals who defect to Stein, then the more GOPpers can confidently defect from Trump. Why is there no avalanche on either side? Oh, that's too easy to answer.

If we progressives are judged to be bad or mad or naive, because we vote for Stein, or Sanders, or Nader, then what would they call those GOP who defect from Trump and vote for Hillary? Well, they'd see those people are good, sane, sensible - right? Why? Because it is all about THE GROUP. Not THE TRUTH. It is all about protecting the self-image, the beliefs, the lies - THE MONEY. With this non-stop NPR favouritism towards Clinton, it virtually NEVER called into question her health. Once or twice, it referred to widely circulating questions regarding her health to be conspiracy theories, you know, from the "Alt Right". Meanwhile, her health difficulty becomes visible today, in the national spotlight. But the continuing GROUPISM continues to deny and blame. "Well, OK, it was just pneumonia today. That's all. See?" Frankly, I am thinking she might have CFS.

This is a bad mentality - it has been happening on the neocon right, as well. The truth is, that both Trump and Clinton are the real SPOILERS. They are spoiling the country. The way people think and vote. And, I'm talking more about the corroded SYSTEM more than I am talking about them as individuals. The FAUX MIDDLE. But, most Americans are unhappy with BOTH of these two. And that is largely due to what the status quo SYSTEM has created for us. The deceptions. The unending need for war. The jobs overseas. The corruption. The money. It is turning everything upside down and inside out.

Anyway, the point is this: Now is a golden opportunity to vote for a third party, or a write-in. I don't understand why anyone would allow their hands to be tied, in doing what they feel is right. It takes a submission of will to become a puppet voter. If Johnson and Stein each could get 15% popularity, they could BOTH be included in the debates! Why not let that happen? Why not help? It couldn't hurt. What a joke this year is. OK - I'm tired and must go... Sorry this post could have been better. Just too overwhelmed all day. More stuff later. Must try to rewrite a story real fast...

This land is your land!
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