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Dear Diaretic Readers, I wish to elucidate my somewhat long-time infatuation with Florence Nightingale. I do believe that all subsequent women progressives followed from her example - and that includes Jane Addams and Dorothy Day. I think all of them should be "SAINTS", by now, except they were not lucky enough to be born into the Catholic Club, just as most of the world has not been lucky enough to be born into the rich white male sperm club, a la, George Bush or Donald Trump. (There has been a lot of Catholic controversy over Dorothy Day, btw). I wish to lobby the Pope, for the establishment, in myth, of one certain, "Saint Nightingale". Like many progressive movers and shakers, Florence Nightingale emerged from an aristocratic family, but diverted her life towards service for the poor and the suffering. Please see the movie I have referenced! And you shall cry, if you truly are my friend. A little after the time of Thoreau, my all-time main hero, Florence, or as I call her, Flo-you-beeyotch, was a prolific writer, who helped POPULARISE science, medicine, the new concept of nursing, etc., etc. And! She popularised STATISTICS in her writings. Now, I suck at math, big time. But I have always had a love of statistics. Most new readers do not understand my writings - they do not see that behind my "opinions" is a whole universe of statistical SENSE. I really do weigh my hypotheses by their statistical probability, in a honed, learnt, informal way. Granted, I do assert that some things do go BEYOND CONVENTIONAL STATS. But I really do love stats!

But there is another connection I do share with Florence Nightingale. As a consequence of her very strained work during the Crimean War, et al, amongst the impoverished and outcast, in squalid conditions, under the moralising eye of her family and their caste, Florence Nightingale became ill for the rest of her life, with something which probably was CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME. Every May 12, her birthday, we stricken "PWC's" advertise INTERNATIONAL CFIDS AWARENESS DAY. Not for nothing, I, myself, created a non-profit business, referencing the name of Florence Nightingale. Unfortunately, most people were highly suspicious of a white male, and his invisible so-called-disease, and JUST WHAT WAS HE UP TO ANYWAY. No. To them. It was impossible that I could care. And, guess what? No help from my Catholic Family. Now. If Nightingale had been a SAINT, well... Or, maybe if she had had autism. Or Alzheimers. No. I don't think they ever learn. BUT. They do join up with Habitat for Humanity at the same damn time they know I am fucking homeless, god bless them. Ever see those pictures of Popes and Kings, and all such divine innocents? They are always pointing to themselves. Let's call this what it is. Sluggish, selfish, ambi-moral MASS-NARCISSISM. I think that this is a little different to what I am describing about Florence Nightingale, YES?

And I inform my family of the restrictions of my illness, and they nevertheless respond with predictable CENSORSHIP. But. More on that later. (It is pathetic. No matter what I do, inevitably, through inbred gossip, they forever come to the conclusion that I am unworthy of their condescension. It's a catholic gaggle of narcissists. Guess what, fools, YOU TRY THIS. You try being afflicted by CFS, and its associated social stigma, and its poverty, and the government bureaucrats, and the endless limitations. In a humane world, not just the break-throughs like Stephen Hawking, but ALL disabled SHOULD BE LIVING LIKE KINGS. And making decisions like presidents, instead of these money whores.

I'll never be a saint, because I veritably call out the demons. No. There needs to be some new religion to make saints of people like me.

I believe that Florence Nightingale was a faithful religious devotee. Uh - omg - she actually took her religion seriously. She took her only, singular life, and devoted it to people less fortunate than herself. Despite the assholery of so many of the poor. As I recall, your CHRIST Jesus did the same damnable thing. And society scoffed and called it, "The easy way!" So, they killed him to save our souls. Which is an institutionalisation of one odd fact about weird society: Down is up and up is down.

But, that's OK, if people keep worshipping the narcissist elite, and their puppet professional class. We are all so ME!

Last year, I was working on a mega-theme-post on selfless progressives, like Florence Nightingale. A nurse I was related to had died at the same time, oddly. I was also acquiring notes about the genesis of ISIS. And - I was posting very anti-Hillary posts on LJ. Suddenly, my internet got really weird, and then my laptop was destroyed - along with its hard-drive. In case you don't know, it is technologically possible for hackers to do such a thing. AND - I have been fairly convinced that "the government" has tracked and messed with me before. So. Let me say something about Hillary Clinton. If Florence Nightingale were to be called, "Christ", then Hillary Clinton would be ANTICHRIST. She should go back to calling herself what she continues to be, A Goldwater Republican, but with all the trappings of global, mega-corporate MONEY. If you squirm at how much I despise her, then, please remember how much I revere Florence Nightingale, and spare me more of that "sexism" crap.

Progressive my ass.

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