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The institutionalisation of flip-flops

Posted on 2016.09.09 at 19:37
In Australia, flip-flops are called, "thongs".  Like those scanty bits of underwear we all like to wear on our heads.  You may look at Australians, and wonder why they call flip-flops, "thongs".  But I look at America, and think, "This is a crazy country.  They say, 'flip-flops', when they mean, 'thongs'!  JFC - It takes about three times longer to make your mouth say, 'flip-flops'!"

I am sorry, I really try - but they will always be thongs to me.  And a mirror will still be a, "mirr-o".  And I spell my words with extra letters, because that's the least I can do for the French when their own language is dying.  I am a horse of a different colour.  When I go for a walk, it is a walk-a-bout, and I am still in Australia, with a giant knife to cut the cancer off my arms, just like Crocodile Dundee.  Many people do not know - but the term, "walk-a-bout", initially referred to, "a bout of explosive diarrhea after drinking too much Johnny Walker Scotch whiskey.  But that is not why we are here today.  I am here to talk about another kind of flip-flop.  Political flip-flops,  Because flip-about is faire play.

And thongs are all about foreplay.  Involving billibongs. And tongs. Which is the language in which Philippinos like to insult our president. Son of a bitch! I think the bigger insult would be, "SON OF A BANK!"

OK - now we have somehow edged ourselves along into the territory of politics, so... right?... pivot to the kerfuffle... right?... right?... so...

"Listen. Let. me. be. clear. We are stronger together. Believe me. It will be amazing. Let me just walk this back... BRB..."

Hey, btw - during the Obama's pivotal tour of Asia/TPP, the Philippine president insulted him, the Chinese blocked his illustrious plane photo-op, and North Korea set off a nuclear explosion. Yars! (This requires it's own post).

OK - let's go... Please be forewarned: I shall be writing more anti-Hillary posts soon, partly because Trump has been the media underdog, partly because, well, here's my feigned slogan:

"Why vote for Trump?! With Trump, you only get ONE billionaire. With Hillary, you get THOUSANDS!"

However, something amazing-but-not has suddenly happened. AND IT HAS CONFIRMED ONE OF MY POLITICAL HYPOTHESES! I have seen this happen one or two times before, with salience or force - idk the word. What has happened is that, once Labor Day came around, the corporate media suddenly ceased its favouritism towards Clinton, and started boosting Trump. I recognised this even before Matt Lauer pecked away at Hillary Clinton.

Yes, I have seen this happene before. This is an across-the-board arrangement made by BIG MONEY, and the media simply agrees to it, because they ALWAYS want a tight horse-race. And charismatic Trump has again become more lucrative than fumbling Trump. To his credit, he improved his campaign, via the addition of a female upper staff member. But, just to drive home the point. One time in which I observed this phenomenon, it also, "pivotted", at a particular, prominent date - a holiday, (although I cannot recall for you the exact holiday). One thing I have heard, and have since confirmed, is that numbers and dates are very important to the controlling elite.

Look at Trump. See how incongruous he is. Yet, he is completely convinced that he is always right, no matter how much he contradicts himself, or does not know what he is talking about. The most important thing is that his narcissism convinces others to believe in him. (This is unfortunate, because those who support him DO represent a valid movement, albeit painted in generalities of being racist, anti-Semitic, and all that). Well, imagine the rich bastards who happen not to be mavericks, like Trump, who blithely assume they they are preordained to know and dictate, "The Truth", despite their idiocy. What do these people do to validate, justify and underwrite their group-narcissism? They create religion. Their religions often involve ancient or Masonic dates, math and rituals. Some are more clearly worshippers of the Angel of Light, Lucifer, and so do select dates, etc., which would be conflictive towards the established Christian-democratic, etc., order. They are basically ungrown children, still seeking power hegemony, infinitely - and so it wets their willies to, en masse, secretly poke us in the eye. Just felt the need to cover this topic a little for you. I have found it to have credible merit.

I should also note, for the theme of this post, that the elite, like profit-only corporations, may go on making appearances of themselves representing, "THE TRUTH", when they in fact are forever amoral and invalid, constantly flip-flopping this way and that, just to gain more power and money. Then, it is the power that tells them, and us, that they are therefore more divine and right than us.

If you want to be a puppet for the exploitive* status quo, then you can buy into their placebo authority - their con - and you can make a comfortable little living from it. That's not the way I, myself, have chosen to go, in contrast to others in my family. (You can see why I have given the Pope "thumbs-up on his beatification of Mother Teresa, in contrast to the unending hypocrisies of my Catholic family, on the humanitarian front).

I am sorry to keep going off on tangents in this informal theme post. But, there is news that Welles Fargo has been found to have been opening additional bank accounts on its customers, without their knowledge, and such. This sounds like good, punish-the-banks news, yes? No. It is another sleight-of-hand, like fining banks minuscule amounts for massive crimes, while letting the bank CEOs go. This practice, of opening secret accounts, has been going on for years, BY VIRTUALLY ALL THE BIG BANKS. Now, it is being blamed on Welles Fargo, who must be a convenient scapegoat. (While the stock market dives 300 points).

But it had to be done, or else all banks would be under the gun. Welles Fargo was a guilty patsy. And it is not being said WHAT HAS BEEN THE MAJOR PURPOSE OF THIS PRACTICE. The main purpose has been to launder money for drug, gun, sex and money/corporate trafficking crimes... (not merely because bank workers were told to recruit more accounts, which, um, is not covert). So, experience tells me that this is just another move to sweep things under the rug, while pretending to air things out. I am telling you. The rich did not get to BE rich without collusions of such hypocrisies.

Back to the post...

Ha ha ha - I laugh every time I hear Trump on the radio! I am sorry, it is just so funny. "Our Christian values - will be protected! - like you've NEVER. SEEN. BEFORE." Believe me. It will be amazing. He just cracks me up to no end. Fuck yeah - Christian Values! Outta sight! Identical to cocaine! Kick ass! I could also be a billionaire. Yeah!

Back to the post...

Well, I was talking about this media phase shift on Labor Day, throwing the ball back to Trump. This is one thing that you can trust madman on - I am pretty damn sure it is a real phenomenon. You know me: if I am not sure on some hypothesis, I say so, and I don't build on it. I am pretty sure on this hypothesis. And I glory in it, because it illuminates the graft behind it all - the corruption and filthy wealth and the deranged mass-psychology. It's almost like finding a missing link. I need to get a life.

Yeah, so, the corporate media flops and flips back and forth in its biases, discretely to support a tight horse-race, and drastically according to the dictates of the elites. You don't think there are conspiracies? I mean, come on. Six megalopolies control the nation's media, with their board members sitting on several of their boards, and all of their TV talking heads are military, government and corporate shills? And the media answers to even higher dictates? (Oh yes). I guess I will have to devote a separate post to how and why Fox News is being imploded.

So, this institutionalised waffling back and forth obviously is going to evoke equivocation from the candidates, as they cravenly surge to grasp the new limelight, the new issue. I will tell you one thing, though. Someone like Hillary Clinton knows this game by now. She knew that Labor Day was coming. Her campaign machine, with the donors behind it, have considerable savvy on how to get out of this impermanent snafu. That does not mean that Hillary is going to be LESS equivocal - in fact it means that she shall be MORE equivocal, disingenuous, lying. Trump, on the other hand, is just basically equivocal by nature, like a good profiteering elite. Understand that these people are where they are because we believe them when THEY CONTRADICT THEMSELVES AT JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT. As I have said before: POWER IS THE ABILITY TO LIE AND GET AWAY WITH IT. Don't for a moment that Goebels is lost on any of these people.

I guess I have said enough on, what I shall heretofore call, "The Labor Day Switch". The main take-away is that it is an institutionalisation of flip-flopping, which, in turn, causes politicians to flip-flop.

OK - not much more to go here. I promise my drunken self...

I want you to realise that I do have greater confidence in the popular movements BEHIND Sanders and Trump, that I do in those candidates themselves. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL. FOLLOW THE VANISHING MONEY.

So, (right?), it was, um, idk, amusing, to hear some BRITISH guy saying on NPR, "We reporters are confounded when we report on Trump. His supporters support him no matter what, and so when we call Trump out on his contradictions, then we risk alienating them, because they see us as being unfair! They believe in him no matter what."

Why do they do that? Because this is not a candidate - this is a movement! An it is virtually the same movement that was behind Bernie Sanders, whom I now see as a damned fool, lol. Too bad Trump and Sanders could not have morphed. ANYWAY. The confidence of a mass movement behind a candidate, which does not in itself yet know any answers, is enough to generate stealthy equivocation in their candidates. I think this is far better than the equivocation which is generated by the stealthy elites, yes?

But, one reason why the disenfranchised masses still compel their candidates, further into flip-flopism, is not merely because they do not yet know the answers. And it is not merely because of a reaction to the shifting political game, coming down from the elites and their candidates. It is because the disenfranchised masses have become naturally contrarian. They wish to contradict, at whatever juncture. When this mass includes various vectors, then the chosen candidate will not only contradict him or herself just to suit them, but they will do it just to get out of a confusing predicament. Whom shall they then respect the most? Those who have the money.

Status quo is being stretched to the limits. Real Americans are demanding changes. But, 2016 is not yet the year for these changes. It will be 2018 when the true revolution begins.

In the mean time, status quo demands that politicians be equivocal, for various reason described above. Even the dissenting masses end up with equivocal candidates. The danger of this is that IF YOU BASE YOUR EGO ON (EQUIVOCAL) LIES, THEN YOU CAN EASILLY GET YOURSELF INTO DAMAGING WARS.

I see this on left and right. Believing lies, like Bin Laden was killed by Obama, etc., etc. And, because people believe this shit, usually draped in the American flag, (see also: "It Can't Happen Here"), then we are doomed to plunge headlong further into bullcrap.

Donald Trump's tragedy, and more-so to 'his' movement, (which is related to the Sanders movement), is that the PARTY (GOP) has been trying to drape him in the American flag... and this has resulted in profuse flip-flops. The ultimate take-away, from all this, is that when change tries to marry the status quo, then all you get is flip-flops.

In this age of corrupted economics and politics, then the rule of the day is: FLIP-FLOPS. I MEAN LIES. [post ends here I guess].

* - my spell-check says that the correct word is, "exploitative." Sorry, I am right. It's like calling, "Ecuadorans", "Ecuadorians". It's just plain incorrect, even though everyone else thinks it is right. Listen. English is allowed to change and grow. But there are certain rules which continue to apply, and if you contradict those rules in particular cases, just because you think it sounds better, or something, then you just complicate the language as a whole. That's not a good thing.

Recently, there was a (local?) NPR commentary, saying that it was OK to 'allow' people to use the word, "literally", (meaning basically, "veritably"), when referring to some analogous or "seemingly" or approximate or partly-true something-or-other. "She was 'LITERALLY' floating in the clouds." NO - She was NOT literally floating in the clouds! "She was LITERALLY running out of bananas!" NO! Even NO on this! She was NOT literally a tiny person scampering out from under a pile of bananas!"

As a writer, I know that this is one bon motte faux pas to be very careful of! It is the function of writers to both protect the language and to grow the language. When, "literally", is said, it should always mean: "Refer to the letter of the English law. It is happening EXACTLY as the words say, e.g., "He was LITERALLY out of his mind!" No! He was literally schizophrenic, or some such - he was not literally OUTSIDE OF HIS MIND. Alex Jones uses this "LITERALLY" devise so often, it is literally NUTS, (lol). It is a hyperbolic devise to bolster one's claims, usually in demonising someone else.

I heard a teacher call into the Alex Jones show, who was able to say that he actually teaches his students about the flaws in logic, as exemplified by Alex Jones. Generalisations, Bait-and-switch. Guilt-by-association, etc. Which is all true. Of course, Alex Jones easilly shouted him down. Yars.

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