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Nice stories from Australia, by The Moth Radio Hour. (If you explore their nice site, you will find at least two more stories about monkeys). These stories - at least the first three I heard - all show pleasant but broken people. They all feel quiet Australian, but all three folks seem to get blindsided by something bad, as perhaps a result of their blinders - I don't know. Even though I've got a lot of Australia in me, I don't know what the rural society is really like, up close and personal. Could it be kind of like THE PAST, as I know it, where one's life was more naive, and filled with slightly blockheaded, dysfunctional people? All these folks are more refreshing than many Americans in some ways. And they choose their words very well. But I think about the time when so many Aussies were getting skin cancer from the disappearing Ozone layer - so they just pulled out a knife and tried to cut it off. That could be seen as naive, or it could be seen as real life survival under limitted means. I know both, in my own life. I know the judgment that can so eailly visit upon it. Like the way we ridicule Country Music.

So whatever, it is, what it is.

Millionaire Hot Seat, Monkey, Assassin
A special show featuring stories from Australia. A writer and her daughter move from Aboriginal land to an impoverished community, a lonely man befriends an orphaned monkey and a famous Australian actor is horrified by a paparazzi shot of her on the beach in her "bathers".

Live from Sydney
A special episode, recorded live at The Sydney Opera House. A young Malaysian Australian man begins to appreciate his culture through the lens of rap music, a comic’s questionable joke makes him the most hated man in Australia, and a journalist goes undercover in North Korea. Hosted by David Crabb with additional hosting by Jay Allison. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Note: Eastern Gorilla is going extinct. Orangutan may be extinct in ten years. Only the Chimpanzee and the Bonobo are NOT on the Endangered Species List - and we all know that even these species are dwindling, especially the sexy Bonobo. All of this is from reports from TODAY. I just thought you might like to know, since we are, after all, discussing primates. Disgusting primates.

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