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This is yet the latest linky theme post; forgive my indulgence, all ya wee popes.  So.
Put on your Indiana Jones' hats and jump in!  Ecno evil ylno uoY.  Right?

HOT SPOT Venus, seen in this radar map from the Magellan spacecraft, might have once been habitable, new simulations suggest.

Venus once possibly habitable, study suggests

Mars had climate suitable for life four billion years ago

First of all, said Ziggy, is there life on Mars? Well, I might not have the link about the puzzle of extra METHANE on Mars, bespeaking life there, (very possibly). Let me look for that...

methane on Mars - NASA
Methane in Mars Meteorites Suggests Possibility of Life

So, right there - microbial life is a possibility. And, as you can see below, someone thinks there are giant worms living under the Martian surface, like in, "Dune." Well, just as where there are plankton, there are whales - same thing. And, astronauts in at least one Apollo mission reported seeing worms in space. So, I think we are being naive to say such things are impossible. And, yes, there is water on Mars - let me look for one picture I wanted to post about some time ago, before we actually proceed with this post proper...  Well, when I find it, I'll do a post on it.  Suffice it to say that there are lots of fairly recent articles and reports of flowing water on Mars, in addition to the ice.  So, yes, suitable for life, even if it is cold, and barren.  NOW.  But - it was not always this way.

Mars may have been more Earth-like than thought: Compounds in Martian rocks hint at high levels of oxygen and liquid water

Mars had climate suitable for life four billion years ago

NASA finds evidence of a vast ancient ocean on Mars

Mega Tsunamis Rocked Mars Oceans Billions of Years Ago

A huge primitive ocean covered one-fifth of the red planet’s surface, making it warm, wet and ideal for alien life to gain a foothold.

Unfortunately: Red planet may have once had a giant satellite that crashed into its surface

This mega-catastrophe happened around 4 billion years ago, and my guess is that it may have been correlated to the large mass which slammed into OUR planet and created our moon.  Nevertheless, microbial life might still have survived on Mars, and evolved over billions of years until now.  Even now. there is flowing water.  So, higher species very possibly could have existed - until some OTHER catastrophe(s) further blighted that planet.  (Note that I have no idea over the possible dating of some of the possible event(s) which shall be discussed further in this post)...

Now, Mars looks quiet baren to us.  But, if we ourselves can manage to live there...

... then, believe me, something else is already living there.  It will be a-mazing.  Believe me.

UFO and alien hunters have added a new life form to their growing Mars menagerie — a live “giant worm” burrowing through Mars' soil.

Maybe I should add a little before closing. I am quite sure that LIFE is common in our universe. First of all, although many folks will find this as airy and esoteric, but the universe itself is alive, according to my study and philosophy. It is a conspiracy of multitudinous consciousness. Sun-worshippers, who preceded our Western theologies, were not so wrong, because the sun itself has consciousness. The core of our planet has consciousness. Atoms have consciousness. All plants and animals have sentience and decision-making - if you manage to redefine what "decision-making" means, a la the emergence of order, or movement-forward-in-time, from randomness, (with some discrete attenuation to other consciousness in the universe).

But, more conventionally-scientifically, the universe is likely exemplified in OUR region, by a profusion of building blocks probably necessary to life, such as: water, carbon, (or silica), oxygen, (methane), ammonia, and amino acids. There is one (fossil of a) spherical life form which appears to be genetically unrelated to life on Earth, which some scientist feel may have come from elsewhere. Where conditions are right, life may emerge, if only by chance.

And, conditions are often right, and there is a wide range of variability in conditions for habitability. Indeed, many planets go through a similar "life"-span, wherein they eventually experience sufficient water, (from comets and/or internally), for some duration, and they also pass through a cooling phase which is conducive to life for some duration - depending on other factors. Finally, how do we know that there may be conditions beyond our own assumptions - and building blocks beyond our assumptions - which may additionally favour the emergence of life? Merely "proving" or disproving things here in this limitted labouratory called Earth, makes science something of a naive, presumptuous bumpkin.

The likelihood of life increases BEYOND that of mere CHANCE, not only by the availability of beneficial conditions and building blocks, but also by the following related realities, according to me: 1 - All entities, including atoms, have a bias to remain and continue existing. I call this the, "existential bias". This puts all entities in a predisposition to co-op or cooperate with other ordered entities. Altruism, and spite, exist for the group entity, or for "the universal", or they indicate deviance. 2 - In a vast conspiracy of LOCAL, forward-moving TIME-lines, there is a general orientation towards a future, and away from a past. This is the illusion of time, related to the illusion of mortality, and it only goes in one direction. (Think of the evolution of CLOCKS on Earth. The hands on the clock COULD have gone in the opposite direction as they do now. But the "decision" early emerged to have the hands go CLOCK-WISE - and so, now, ALL clocks are oriented in this direction). In an assumption of a forward-moving time, especially locally, all entities participate in establishing certain orders, as suggested above, which support this orientation, such as LIFE. 3 - All entities seek to emerge into ORDER, which is a subordination of randomness to a forward-moving time, and a CHOOSING from cognitive alternatives, or potentialities, (or discrete information configurations, or places/memories), to build continued existence, despite the continual force and contradiction of ENTROPY, which is a chaos of conflicting times or information. In conspiracy, the entire universe has a propensity towards ORDER, at least in pockets. This force will always exist. Will and consciousness are involved. At the same time, gross entropy seeks to undo this - which can be seen as the tonos, or tension, between entities, as they make mistakes or conflicts, in their individual attempt to establish a forward timeline and PLACE. (This can be analogised to relative acceleration versus relative inertia). I cannot say if universal entropy increases at a geometric rate, (the reverse of radioactive decay), or if it balances out with order. However, this whole concept seems to contradict the view that, as the universe is still young, it shall eventually shed all order. But physicists have not yet understood or discovered "the sixth force, or dynamic" of "consciousness". These thoughts are related to Stephen Hawking questions over whether or not there was a single beginning/(cause) of the universe, and whether or not information is lost as mass/energy falls into, (or emerges from), a black hole. THERE - I got THAT off my chest!

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