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Today, I was hoping to take a long walk to an outdoor concert/fest.  This is a rare thing, and the music proabably wasn't all the best.  I decided I was too fatigued to try.  Too fatigued to do much at all.  Made some salmon with rice, and many other sides, topped by a clam/oyster sauce I made.  The rice was the best part.  OK - tonight, I will bring you this little post, which originates from earlier posts - adding supplimental information.  Recall my post about The American Dream?  So, I am posting a definition of that term...  "American Dream" - Now, onto Tesla, and related:

27 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Nikola Tesla

Stand Up For Your Beliefs Amid Disagreement to Change Your World

World’s Smartest Physicist Believes Consciousness Will Remain a Mystery

"Our minds work in real time, which begins at the Big Bang and will end, if there is a Big Crunch - which seems unlikely, now, from the latest data showing accelerating expansion. Consciousness would come to an end at a singularity." - Stephen Hawking - [NOTE] - (Dear unlikely readers: I include this quote because I will be making my way into some posts about time, and physics. I am also skipping here some heavy physics posts meant to illuminate free energy, virtual particles, and new understandings concerning light. Although these are somewhat relative to the Tesla topic here, they need their own post, which will be later. But here's one good one on free energy itself):

Free energy is an absolute imperative for the future of the earth and humanity: Almost every “expert” who presents the “renewable” alternatives limits his/her discussion to the known sources - By Dr. Brian O'leary
The global ecological crisis demands radical changes in the way in which we use energy. Traditional renewable approaches such as solar, wind and biomass are attractive but can be capital and materials intensive, diffuse and intermittent. My own research and travel reveals an increasingly large number of experiments suggesting that we might be able to obtain clean and abundant energy from the vacuum or from low energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion).

But these results fly in the face of conventional physics. “The resistance to a new idea”, Bertrand Russell said, “increases as the square of its importance.” Through the ages, perhaps no idea is more important or more maligned than that of perpetual motion or free energy. Inventors rarely lead easy lives, but those dedicated to the quest for free energy have met with especially great resistance. We look at the sagas of Nikola Tesia, T. Henry Moray, Bruce de Palma and Stefan Marinov as examples spanning this past century.

[NOTES] - (But, we don't know everything, and the universe still has new things to teach, like maybe this, just for example: Fifth force of nature? Light particle may be key to understanding dark matter in universe. And, believe it or not, scientists are already capable of using sound-waves to cause levitation: Sound Science: Researchers Take Acoustic Levitation to a New Level)...

Remember that I noted that, most certainly, a multi-trillion-dollar military BLACK BUDGET has been in existence, to develop advanced weaponry, like anti-gravity craft, etc.? The article I linked to, supporting this, actually lists several anti-gravity aircraft projects by name.  Well, now there is a report that an amount, ROUGHLY ONE THIRD OF OUR NATIONAL DEBT, - is MISSING!  Unaccounted for!  You don't think that some of this hasn't been skimmed off for the military contractors, banks and elites?  How many billions of dollars in cash has been secretly shipped off to, oh idk, Iraq and Iran, for crooked politicians, shieks and oil barrons?  How many billions laundered by banks, from sex and drug and gun trafficking?  OF COURSE there is a massive black budget for developing advanced weaponry and technologies! -  Shocking Government Report Finds $6.5 Trillion In Taxpayer Funds "Unaccounted For" - Even though We the People clearly no longer own or run this country, all those trillions of dollars are coming from our tax-payer pockets.

OK - one more physics article, helping give credence to the nonsense of anti-gravity travel, and so forth: A new ‘Einstein’ equation suggests wormholes hold key to quantum gravity: ER=EPR summarizes new clues to understanding entanglement and spacetime. - Now - on to discussing Neandertals!

Is It Neander-TAL or Neander-THAL?
The Madison Neandertal Expert Weighs In
Here's the main page of the Madison Expert's blog.  (For more, just click that little icon on the top left).  I decided to include this link because it contains mention of a subject which I will be posting about later: level of science/learning in this county, compared to the country's overall decline.
Neanderthal reconstruction in profile by Guernsey Mitchell

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Neanderthals: The hominids are depicted as degenerate and slouching because the first Neanderthal skeleton found happened to be arthritic.

When Neanderthals Replaced Us: Israeli cave finds challenge our theories about evolution’s winners and losers. - (This article can be a little confusing. Be clear on who was Sapiens and who was Neandertal).

Blame Your Subpar Fitness on That Neanderthal DNA

The image “http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/crux/files/2016/07/Neanderthal-in-museum.jpg” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.
A Neaderthal strikes a pose at the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle, Germany. (Credit: Bridget Alex)

A Highschool in North Carolina has compiled a picture library of all sorts of humanoid skulls, including Neandertal's and yours! Go to their site, and you can rotate the skulls 360 degrees!

OK - that's the end of our little tour. I have follow-up stuff about Neandertals, underground cities, pyramids, UFOs, planets, etc., but most of these will be coming up in one, two or three posts, along the theme of "EXTINCTION!" Look forward to those because there is always hope. ta - mm101

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