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No, you won't fool the children of the ...

The Beatles illustrated lyrics – Revolution 1968 by Alan Aldridge

Our Revolution: What's Next on Bernie Sanders' Horizon: 'The goal here is to do what I think the Democratic establishment has not been very effective in doing,' said Sanders

The Future for Our Revolution, 603 2nd St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Bernie Sanders: "Forever forward!" - I am writing you today to express my deep pride in the movement — the political revolution — you and I have created together over the last 15 months. When we began this historic campaign, we were considered fringe players by the political, economic and media establishment. Well, we proved them wrong....

[Note] - What I am concerned about is the degree to which this organisation, or movement?, might be pro-Hillary, and/or anti-Trump. I personally believe in other options for voting - and I do not always see Trump as being the Great Satan, especially when compared to Hillary Clinton. But, I am more for writing in Bernie, or voting Third Party - and I hope to post mre on this ASAP - and on, "The Fallacy of Strategic Voting."

With these concerns, I wanted this current post to explore related questions, such as, "Is Hillary so great?" and, "Is Trump so evil?" I think questions surrounding Hillary Clinton's corruption, interlaced with those of the DNC, ("Forever Fraud!"), remains so relevant to this election, and to Our Revolution, that the topic should remain active in bernie2016 - as should posts regarding Trumps many, many flaws. Jill Stein, libertarians, write-ins - these should all be active topics, which you yourself might want to post about. However things go, I want this current post to leave you with a note I have tried to convey to you in the past:

Think for yourself; do what you think is right - & vote for the person you believe in. SIMPLE AS THAT! So...

What Does It Mean When War Hawks Say, "Never Trump"?: The Enemies of My Enemy May Be War Criminals

Be Honest, Hillary Makes Democrats Look Awful - Maybe someone you know is of the mindset that Hillary didn’t actually benefit from any type of election rigging. Maybe they believe Hillary would have won the election with or without the DNC’s help. Fair enough. Let’s see if that logically adds up…

I'm a Bernie Backer and I Refuse to Support Hillary - I used to think that the Democrats were the good guys and the Republicans were the bad guys. That's why I've only ever been registered and identified as a Democrat. The Democratic Party is the party of social justice that looks out for the less fortunate, right? ...

WILL BERNIE SANDERS' 'OUR REVOLUTION' FINANCE DNC, CLINTON CAMPAIGN? - A Monday night conference call between DNC officials and the man who led Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has some Berniecrats worried that a donation to Sanders new 501(c)(4) organization known as “Our Revolution” would end up in the bank accounts of the Democratic National Committee or even in Hillary Clinton’s campaign fund...

Direct Democracy: An Empowering Solution to the Fake Left-Right Paradigm - Direct democracy is an empowering social and political solution that we need to seriously consider, in the face of a corrupt and broken system that churns out tyrants and maintains the status quo. It’s clear that we need a new system and a new consciousness, not a new president.

Standing up for beliefs in face of group opposition is worth the effort, study shows - A new study that assessed bodily responses suggests that standing up for your beliefs, expressing your opinions and demonstrating your core values can be a positive psychological experience, report researchers.

NO RELATION TO BERNIE OR HIS "OUR REVOLUTION" - 21 Inspirational Quotes About Changing the World - Can one person really change the world? Depending on who you ask, opinions vary, from the resounding “yes” to the disheartening “no.” But who is right? The answer might depend on the definition of the “world” that you’re trying to change.

- Here's a quote from Stephen Hawking. -

Bernie's BOOK: Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.

Start the revolution from where you live, ground zero, the first step.

Do you remember that website where people would hook up locally to discuss, etc., liberal causes? What was the name of that? Is it still around? How about, "DrinkingLiberally.com," (.org?)? Utne Reader magazine once had something similar. There are lots of ways to go. Here is the direction to OurRevolution, coming AUGUST 24 - as posted earlier in bernie2016. Courage! -

Our Revolution Kick-off scheduled for August 24
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